Moyes slams late UEFA call

  • by Staff Writer
  • Tuesday, 23rd November 2021

David Moyes says he is refusing to allow the recent sanctions imposed on the club by UEFA to affect the club's planning.

West Ham travel to Austria later this week for a match which could see the Hammers secure qualification from Europa League's Group H.

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West Ham are seeking a second win against Rapid

The game is set to be played in an empty stadium as Austria entered a new lockdown period on Monday - which means the decision to ban West Ham fans from travelling to Vienna has no effect.

Still, the manager argued that the decision was poorly advised - even though he also warned travelling Hammers fans to be on their best behaviour in future in order to avoid further sanctions.

"I thought they [UEFA] left it late and they must have reasons why they've done it," Moyes said. "For us at West Ham, there's too many good things going on. I'm not letting it get in the way of anything we're doing at the moment.

"I want a new club, I want a fresh club which is going to try and challenge all the teams in Europe and in the Premier League. What I need is big support behind me everywhere I go.

"I was really disappointed [by the ban] because our away support has been brilliant in the Premier League and away in Europe. We're really surprised and shocked to hear supporters can't travel.

"But we're a new club and we don't want to go back [to the bad old days], we want to be in Europe and we want people to look forward to West Ham coming to play."

And Moyes insisted that the clulb simply cannot allow itself to be branded as troublemakers once again, if the Hammers are to become a serious force in European football - while imploring the fans to "move on".

"I see Premier League teams who are in Europe and in the Champions League every year and I don't see any trouble coming from their supporters," he added.

"Whether they travel to Madrid, Paris or wherever, I want to be one of those clubs who does that every season. We have to make sure we're a club that people want to have and we need the supporters to see that.

"We have to move on."

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