Why Tevez must go

This is bound to spark outrage amongst Tevez-worshippers, but I have come to the inevitable conclusion that it is time for our club to move on from Tevezgate.

I am hopeful that Eggy will discover some way in which we can let the Argie go without us falling foul of the FAPL and ending up in a bigger mess than we already are on this matter.

Although I concede that it would be rather funny to put one over on Kia (and for that matter ManUre), this does not outweigh other factors relating to Tevez.

I would say that there are at least 5 reasons why Tevez needs to move on:

1. He is part of West Ham’s dodgy past – we all know in our hearts that the deal was bent between Brown and Kia. It smelt at the time and as more details have emerged, it has become absolutely clear that we got involved in something which has caused us a lot of grief. I am a great supporter of Eggy and I like his attitude and ethics. It is in stark contrast to the Brown regime, but moving Tevez on truly draws a line under the dark ages;

2. Related to this is the prospect of a continued association with Kia Joorabchian. We do not need any further relationship with this character. He tried to takeover our club Corinthians- style and lost out to a better man. Like it or not Tevez is joined to Kia’s hip;

3. Whatever we say to defend our position on Tevez, no-one can truly say that we behaved honourably. As I have said elsewhere, I find it hard to disagree with the Arbitration Panel’s conclusion that we should have been docked points for this. Whilst Tevez stays with us our reputation will continue to suffer. Some might say that they are not bothered about what others think of our club, but for me our reputation is a very important matter. Call me old fashioned, but I was proud of the days when most non-West Ham fans used to say that we were their second club. This is the Academy, the team of Moore, Peters and Hurst and many others who have made our club great through their contributions to English football. Moving Tevez on would be the first step towards repairing a highly embarrassing and damaging debacle;

4. The original distraction caused by the arrival of the Argies undoubtedly had a destabilising effect on the team. Like it or not, if Tevez steps out on the pitch in claret and blue again, the focus on him will be massive yet again. It will, in my view, affect the team and we will be under continuing and intense scrutiny. There is every prospect too that we will become embroiled in continuing legal action which is no good for us;

5. There are sound footballing reasons to move Tevez on. Whatever anyone says, he wants to play for a team at the highest level. He sees ManUre as giving him what he wants. He wants to go there and you have to understand why - his performances at the Copa have been world class. His head has been turned. I have severe doubts that given this situation that his head will be right to play for West Ham. Some might say that this is a slightly hypocritical position, as I argued the opposite when I opposed the sale of Defoe. My critics said – and it was a fair point – that he didn’t want to play for the club and that in itself was good enough reason to cash in on the transfer. If this was the only issue, then maybe you could argue for his retention, but it is not and we all know it.

This is not about giving into pressure from those who do not like our club. It is not about failing to fight our corner, it is about realising that there are now too many problems and reputational impacts associated with Tevez. Undoubtedly he is a real talent and we will remember for a long time just how he dragged us out of the relegation mire when all seemed lost, but it’s time for the head to rule the heart. He is damaged goods.

I have no real idea how we are going to achieve his departure, but I am confident that Eggy will find a way. I hope that this is done sooner rather than later, as I do not think we can afford to start the season with this unresolved.

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