Never let the truth ruin a good story

Fashions generally come and go. However the current trend of West Ham hating is still in full swing. In fact, powered by the ability to reach millions of people a day, the media is making sure that this hate campaign shows no sign of reaching a conclusion.

The name Carlos Tevez is being received about as well as foul language in a church congregation and anybody representing West Ham, well they are as popular as lepers. Meanwhile Blades fans are riding through the footballing world on their white horses and taking the time to kiss babies on their journey to justice. It’s a real life story of good versus evil, put together by those little scamps in the media. There is no doubt that the Tevezgate situation has helped to sell newspapers during what would normally be a quiet time of year.

Now there are a lot of more intellectual and qualified people around who can speak volumes on the intricate details and facts of this debacle so I won’t force you to take in another rehash of that ‘sordid’ tale. As it stands with Sheffield United, West Ham United, the Premier League, Kia Joorabchian, Independent Panels and now Manchester United all involved, everyone has their own story to tell and it certainly has been told; dozens of times over in some cases. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect anyone to take this seriously. I don’t have journalism qualifications attached to my name and more importantly, I’m telling a tale that the media and other clubs would much rather ignore.

It’s called the truth and it leads me to ask two questions of Keith McCabe and journalists such as Mr Jeff Powell.

1. Could you tell the world why you are not interested in pursuing the real perpetrator of this scandal, former West Ham chairman, Mr Terence Brown?

2. Could you also tell the world why you are not interested in pushing for the real villain of this piece, Mr Kia Joorabchian, to be removed from the footballing world and take with him the whole idea of third party ownership?

I have been disappointed by the likes of the Sheffield United chairman, who we probably know better than any other in the English game thanks to his regular columns in the press nowadays, that have failed to see the bigger picture in a saga that they are supposed to know inside out. It has been very easy for these individuals to point the finger at every single West Ham fan and staff member, citing them as all being crooked and arrogant in our supposed denial of events.

The fact is that I as a West Ham supporter do not deny the wrong-doing of jumping into bed with Kia and his MSI outfit, an action that I believe Manchester United should be extremely cautious of also. We are not the blindly ignorant group that many would believe us to be and I would suspect that there are many who wish this whole situation had never happened. However the fact of the matter is that it has happened yet the blame cannot be laid at the door of the supporters of West Ham United or the chairman, Mr Eggert Magnusson who have both suffered most from this smear campaign.

I would suggest that Mr McCabe invests his money in a private detective and searches any small islands for a certain former West Ham chairman. For it was Mr Brown who saw an ideal opportunity to sell a club whose fans often detested him, as well as making a nice little profit in the process. The pound signs did in fact roll around in his eyes when Kia Joorabchian came knocking with gifts from Argentina, pockets full of money and the promise of a future out of the limelight but on an extravagant wage in a comfortable little role.

Two world class Argentineans do not just appear out of nowhere and for no reason, there was a game plan and Kia believed he had played it beautifully. Mr Brown and Mr Joorabchian struck up a snug little relationship which would eventually lead to our Eastern friend taking the helm of a Premiership side and making it his plaything.

Until Eggert Magnusson complicated matters.

Money was always of paramount importance to our Terence and this was no different. Eggert came offering a real business proposition and the rest as we say is history. Yet it leads you to wonder whether Mr Brown managed to make off with some easily earned pocket money from Kia before scampering off with the funds raised from the clubs sale to Iceland. No matter which way you slice it, the arrival of Dos Amigos was crooked, corrupt and outright shifty all thanks to the greed of two men at the heart of it all.

The same two men that seem to be mysteriously overlooked by those wanting to sell papers and those who wish to believe everything that they see in print. Mr Brown has successfully made his escape to solitude and appears coincidentally unable to reach some kind of media representative to do something he has rarely done in his life: The Right Thing. Everyone else seems to have forgotten he even existed and had any role in football, let alone this particular situation.

Meanwhile, your friend and mine, Kia Joorabchian is cheerfully walking around conducting his usual business while everyone else turns a blind eye. Sheffield United hoped that he might shed some light on the issue which would send West Ham into oblivion and leave them safe in the top flight. What perhaps they had not considered was that this man whose evidence could have been vital, was the person responsible for this disaster in the first place.

The man is a stain on the sport of football and someone that a world class player such as Carlos Tevez could well do without. A man of his skill and ability does not deserve this ball and chain around his ankle and should investigate how to get away from MSI as quickly as possible. Third party ownership should have no place in the game today and while I recognise the importance of good agents who have their clients best interests at heart, the likes of Kia should have no business in the sport we love.

Yes I will defend my club but I am also willing to accept when we are wrong. We made a mistake and we did get a punishment for it, yes it may not have been the amount of blood that many wanted but it was a punishment nonetheless. However whilst Blades fans blindly follow their chairman as he throws their clubs money at a cause that may never reap reward, two of the biggest culprits in this whole sham are being allowed to escape the radar. Somewhere, Terence Brown is breathing easily and no matter what, it will remain business as usual for Kia Joorabchian.

Never let the truth ruin a good story though hey?

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