Be proud and move on

As Carlos Tevez looks set to move to Manchester United, a new striker has announced his arrival in E13.

Craig Bellamy, with his precise finishing, inflammable temper and hilarious stereo-typical Welsh accent last week completed his £7.5million move from Liverpool. As one hero departs Upton Park, another advances upon the claret-spray painted gates.

As soon as Carlos' move to the Premiership champions became common knowledge, the sports 'journalists' whom we know and despise jumped upon this move like Frank Lampard attacking a Big Mac, and the headlines screamed: How will West Ham ever replace this man?

Forgetting of course, that a few weeks ago, they had vilified this man and this club during the arbitration hearing, labelling us cheats and suchlike. Well fellas, your answer is in the captain of Wales, a player who is a proven scorer in the Premiership and Champions League, and to boot, doesn't like Graeme Souness.

True, Carlos Tevez was a key factor, some might even argue THE key factor behind our survival and it would have been superb if he could have stayed. But things change. 'Look at traffic lights for change!' said Trevor Peacock as Jim Trott in the Vicar of Dibley, on Dawn French's arrival as the vicar in a quiet rural village.

I think we all knew deep down, whatever we might say, that May 13 up at Old Trafford was Carlos Tevez's last game as a West Ham United player. It's just a shame he was enchanted so by the theatre of dreams (copyright 1999).

Why couldn't we have been playing at Blackburn or Wigan on the last day? I doubt that he would have been enchanted by the delights of doffed caps and chicken and balti pies.

Eggy did all he could to keep Tevez at the club although I feel we'll never know quite why we didn't buy him when we had the chance, as I heard figures from Kia Joorabchian quoted in the region of £9million. Although, as someone said in a recent forum thread, what the hell our newly appointed 'PR supremo' Mike Lee has been doing I'm sure I don't know.

Also, has it ever crossed anyone's mind that Tevez might have just needed a new challenge and even if we had tried to buy him, he might have been against the move?

It will give me a considerable amount of pain to see Tevez in a Manchester United shirt, but I will be pleased for him to be playing with Ronaldo, Rooney and the like, and I think this club and its fans can be proud about what we have achieved with Carlos Tevez, who has without a doubt, progressed as a player in his time with West Ham United.

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