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  • Filed: Tuesday, 19th December 2000

KUMB is pleased to announce that we've teamed up Bubbles, the newest and freshest Hammers fanzine to hit the streets on match days. As a result we'll be swapping articles from time to time, plus you can catch all of the match reports from KUMB on the pages of Bubbles.

Transfer Rumours

I lost count this week of the number of players we've linked with. Some of them sounded quite good until I heard we were linked with Christian Dailly!

Southgate could still be on the cards if Villa lower his price. I think that Titi Camara was a good signing and it will help to strengthen our squad. He's 28 and was one of Liverpool's top scorer last season so he can't be that bad.

The moment we sold Rio I said let's go out and buy Robbie Keane, and when I saw we had put a bid in I was pleased to say the least. I knew it was never going to come off. There's too many thing that stooped it from happening. But it was good to see that we are prepared to go out and buy a ?10m player.

I thought the wins against Boro' and Southampton were very good performances. Theses are the teams we usually struggle with but we got two solid results. Villa always looked like a draw but I thought to come back from 1-0 down at Everton after they scored quite late into the game was brilliant.

Today's game will again be yet another tough one. Leicester have proved this season that they are a capable top 10 team. I look for Kanoute to shine today as he has been giving us some great performances away from home. He was our main threat at Everton and deserved his goal.

If he can just get a few more goals then this season can be very successful for Freddie. Another player who has come up trumps is new boy Song. His defending against Villa and especially on Ginola was fantastic. He never gave him a inch. Praises also has to go out to Stuart Pearce. How does he keep going?

The big talking point all this week was Di Canio and his decision to catch the ball instead of scoring and making sure we got the three points. I was a bit shocked at the time but when I watched it on TV he didn't look as if he was going to score anyhow. But still, if he had of had a even better chance he would have done the same. I would rather him score but that is Di Canio for you. Always the unpredictable.

Another thing about Paolo is something I'm getting sick of. Every week I hear he is going to this club and that club, and after a few days we don't hear anymore about it until another club comes up. Lazio, Celtic, Chelsea.... No more - I'm sick of it!

Seriously though, the amount of supporters saying that he's on his way is bad because we've got to have some faith. He hasn't indicated that he wants to go yet so we should stop saying that he's going.

Walsall in the FA Cup then. I remember last season we had Tranmere. and all I was saying was that we were too good and that won't happen anymore with the team we've got. We got beat 1-0.

But I'm gonna say it again. We've already played them twice this season in the League cup. We beat them at their place but were lucky at home. Surely we can't see a repeat of previous seasons?

Hopefully we can do it.

Have a great Christmas and a happy new year.

Vinny Ryan

Wish List For 2001

Shaka - Please come off your line
Stuart Pearce - give me those tablets you're on!
Ian Pearce - Please never get injured again
Winterburn - go on the p*ss with Paolo
Lomas - Attend a soccer skills centre
Stimac - Have a rest from football in 2001
Margas - Have you seen this man? Tell the missing persons dept.
Lampard - This is to all the fans - leave him alone! Rio did
Carrick - Keep shooting son!
Cole - Think of a song for yourself so we don't have to sing Spandau Ballet's 'Gold'
Di Canio - We love you just the way you are (just don't catch it again)
Kitson - Just leave
Sinclair - no New Years Eve night with fat-boy Ruddock
Moncur - Give it at least two minutes before you get booked (unless it's Ince)
Freddie - More of the same please (just more goals)
Harry - No more bare bones!

Bernabeu Jim

Di Canio Book winner

Paul Freeden (Leicester) answered correctly that it was Dale Gordon who scored our first Premiership goal, and wins the Di Canio autobiography.

Thank you to all that entered.

Have a great Christmas and a happy new year from all at Bubbles.

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