West Ham Fans Can Vote On Club

In a move that sees West Ham become the first Premier League club to register, fans will now be able to vote on crucial club decisions.

In a step which has been well received by the fans the club has signed up to socios.com which is a blockchain-based app that is interactive and allows for fan engagement as bonusbets.com reports.

Starting in the 2019/20 season, fans will be able to purchase tokens which give them a voice and the ability to share their opinions. The premise is that fans can download the app to their mobile devices and help with the running of their club.

Currently, Juventus and Paris St Germain are using the platform, and their fans are loving it. Before they get too carried away though, fans need to understand that their decision-making powers are limited and generally only surround issues like who gets to be the man of the match, and who the cameras might follow during warm-ups.

So, not groundbreaking stuff but it is another interactive layer that fans from other clubs have taken to and enjoy using. The more tokens a fan purchases, the more influence they have within the decision making. The token value will fluctuate as it based on the market demand and therefore isn't fixed.

In a statement, Karim Virani the digital and commercial director for West Ham explained "West Ham United's presence on Socios.com's state-of-the-art platform will further give us the ability to interact and get direct feedback in real-time from our global fanbase which will be important to our future fan engagement strategy. We're very excited about the possibilities Socios.com offers us to give fans the best experience possible, whether they live within a mile of the stadium or thousands of miles away."

The platform has been looking to create Premier League partnerships for some time, and the CEO and Founder of the app company believes that this is just the start and more will come on board in the future, especially if it proves to be a hit with Hammers fans.

Alexandre Dreyfus said "Having a club like West Ham adopt fan voting is a big step in realising our goal of building the world's biggest global football community and marketplace for football fans, alongside demonstrating that blockchain and cryptocurrency is the trusted technology of the mainstream. We will be announcing more European partners very soon, with more Premier League clubs set to follow West Ham's lead in creating the best-in-class fan engagement."

Fans wanting to take part should head to the site itself or have a look on the app store they use. The app is available for the iOS and Android platforms which covers most of the devices used. You can download it to your mobile phone or tablet, and it will work on both. Once downloaded the instructions for registering and purchasing tokens are clear and easy to follow.

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