Football Betting Ready

Are you ready to start betting on football games? If the answer is yes, we’re here to help!

We don't want you to fall at the first hurdle so we've put together a list of do's and don'ts to consider when placing football bets. We can't guarantee that you'll win a life-changing jackpot, but we can help steer you away from the rookie mistakes that can lead to huge losses.

Find the Right Platform

If you're going to take sports betting seriously, you'll need to find a legit bookmaker. The guys at have an awesome list of recommended online sportsbooks and they provide a breakdown of how online sports betting works - ideal if you're a newbie.

Not every online casino or sportsbook is as reputable as they make out to be, so a recommendation from a trusted source could save you from the misery of being cheated of your winnings. You don't have to stick to just one bookie, in fact, having an account with more than one will give you a wider selection of games to bet on. You'll also be able to shop around for better odds.

Know Your Teams

The most successful punters are usually the most well-informed. You are much more likely to place a winning bet if you know all there is to know about the teams in play. It's no good just picking a side and hoping for the best.

You need to know how each team has performed in the lead up to the match that you're betting on. You need to know whether the two teams that are going up against each other have done so in the past. Which team won? What were the strengths and weaknesses of each team? You need to know which players will be on the field and which players will be regulated to the side lines. It's also a good idea to check where the match is going to be played - home or away? And lastly, when did each team last play? A tired team might not be the best team to bet on.

Head over Heart

Everyone wants their favourite team to win, but unfortunately, betting on your favourite team can sometimes be wishful thinking. Take a cold, hard look at your team's form and place your bet according to which team is most likely to win.

If you let your emotions dictate your decisions, you're unlikely to be successful at football betting -unless your team happen to be the current champions. It's also a good idea to avoid placing bets if you're feeling a little out of whack - being extremely sad or even extremely happy can cause you to make irrational decisions regarding the team you want to bet on and the amount you want to bet.

Stay Focused

A clear head is essential for successful sports betting. How you keep a clear head is up to you, but we have a few suggestions. The first of which is to avoid alcohol. We know football and beer go together like moonshine in a mason jar, but wait for the game to start before you indulge! Lack of sleep can also lead to poor judgement, so try to make sure you're not placing any big bets when you're eyelids are drooping. Better to get some shut eye and then come back fresh the next day. If you really want to keep your eye on the ball, get some exercise! Even a short walk will help to clear your head. And most importantly of all, know your budget. Set yourself a betting limit and stick to it.

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