West Ham Ė after the Premier League

West Hamís performance was just above average throughout the 2018-19 Premier League season. But when we take into consideration all the injuries, the team did make a valiant attempt to come tenth on the leaderís board.

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As is the case with every season, there are two things for the management and the players to focus on now. First, they need to analyse the plays and understand the weaknesses that were responsible for the team losing out on essential games. However, more than that, there needs to be a clear picture of the future. The past cannot be changed, but West Ham can, sure enough, work towards rebuilding a side that will surprise everyone else once the next season commences.

Match Analysis

There's a lot to think about in terms of match analysis for the coach and the players. Looking at the bigger picture, West Ham fared quite poorly when it comes to the number of shots they allowed on their goal. The opposite number isn't all that great either with players failing to strike at the right time. However, looking at the last match with Southampton, the team came out victorious even when everything was stacked up against them. This only means that the boys have the passion and the ability in them. It is just a matter of making the most with the right opportunities come knocking.

Premier League Asia Trophy

Whether you are a West Ham fan or a punter who just loves making money off the game, there is no need to wait till the start of the next Premier League season to get involved with the team. The pre-season Asia Trophy will take place in China in July, and West Ham is competing this year. An astute punter will capitalise on this time and check on all the bookies offers for a great deal. Among the top offers by leading UK bookmakers are bet ?10 get ?10, up to ?100 in bet credits, and individual match wise odds.

Football betting is easily one of the biggest and most popular forms of betting around and it's easy to understand why. Unlike your average gambling game, sports betting of any sort may have a certain element of luck but is mostly about knowing the ins and outs of the game, the teams and the players and applying that to the most strategic bets possible. It also helps to have an idea of how the betting system itself works, which is why free offers are such a great entry into football betting.

As for the competition, West Ham will take on Manchester City in what is undoubtedly going to be a fantastic game. According to the bookies offers, the current odds are stacked towards Man City at 19/2 for a 3-1 win but West Ham have been going from strength to strength this season and may well cause a huge upset, which means much bigger winnings for those who put even a modest amount on them winning.

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The Strikers

A game without any goals can be dull, and it for this reason that strikers are an integral part of the team. Among all the player, they are predominantly in the limelight and do have added pressure to make the game interesting and exciting for everyone. It's no surprise then that goal-scoring strikers are famous amongst punters and bookmakers who can set wagers on the numbers of goals a particular player will score, or the top scorer in a competition. West Ham has its eyes on two key strikers for the upcoming season. The club is hoping to secure both Maxi Gomez and Moussa Marega during this transfer window. While the latter has 17 goals scored in 38 matches, it is Gomez that has been on Pelligrini's want list for quite a while now.

Offloading Players

As is always the case, if new talent has to join a team, some of the older players will need to be offloaded. This could be because of their performance on the field or just as a means to the end for the management to raise more funds for new transfers. Lucas Perez, Reece Oxford, and Jordan Hugill are most likely to move away from the team before the next season.

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