At last: all quiet on the East End front

Itís probably fair to say that the dust has finally settled on a turbulent few months for the West Ham United Independent Supporters Association (WHUISA).

Following an EGM at the weekend in Hackney Wick, new chair Sue Watson will now lead a streamlined committee, with any suggestions of a move into the club's Official Supporters Board (OSB) firmly put to bed.

WHUISA have seen two chairmen resign and lost over a dozen committee members in the wake of the most recent AGM . A 'Save WHUISA' online campaign was launched and the weekend EGM was seemingly the result of that initiative.

During the past few months, some members of WHUISA had pushed for the group to apply for membership of the OSB, or at least consider the option.

The build-up to the last fractious AGM was dogged by claims of meetings between former committee members and the OSB and concerns - made to KUMB at the time - of a desire by some to take the independent group into the OSB.

The situation created much acrimony, and included an article by yours truly that was dismissed as "garbage" at one stage. I can live with that. The last person to call my work garbage was Alex Ferguson, and even he eventually admitted I was right but he "had to make an example of someone".

One specific motion passed unanimously at Saturday's EGM now has, I would say, ended any chance of OSB membership while this new committee are in place.

WHUISA's own twitter feed says: "A motion proposed by Andy Ellis and seconded by Jim Kearns made a very clear statement around the disregard the club have for independent supporters' groups and outlined the reasons why this association will never join the Official Supporters Board."

One member said on twitter: "Really pleased that WHUISA appear to be back on track, also pleased that the threat of the OSB to its independence is no longer real. Well done."

Another motion, proposed by Eamon Quinn and seconded by Mike Casagranda congratulated the association on its work to oppose the club's Socios venture.

The new committee is as follows: Sue Watson (Chair), Terry Land (Vice Chair), Kevin Hind (Treasurer), Debbie Donovan (Secretary) plus new committee members Jack Hart and Natalie Morgans.

WHUISA also countered continual claims that some committee membership was not democratic, by saying: "Committee members are entitled to co-op association members under the constitution (section 4.8) to fill any casual vacancy to the committee provided it does not exceed the number agreed at the AGM."

Another member tweeted: "Reassured by what I saw and heard at the WHUISA EGM, they can now move forward with a strong committee and clear purpose."

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