Are the Cowley brothers West Ham-bound?

West Ham United supporters Danny and Nicky Cowley continue to make waves at Lincoln City, the club they joined three years ago having previously impressed whilst managers of various Essex-based non-league clubs.

Last night the brothers produced yet another remarkable result when their League One side sent Huddersfield Town - who last year featured alongside West Ham United in the Premier League - tumbling out of the Carabao Cup on their own patch.

And according to lifelong West Ham United supporter lincolnhammer1963, who you won't be surprised to learn lives in the cathedral city, it probably won't be too long before they're performing similar miracles in the top flight...

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I have been wanting to tell this story for over a year, but felt the timing wasn't right. Well anyway, here goes.

West Ham has always been my team, even though I have no connection with London, Essex, or anywhere else in the south of England.

Growing up as a kid in Lincoln in the 1960s, you generally picked a First Division team to support. I was seduced by the glamour of West Ham United, although other kids at my school followed more successful teams of the time such as Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester United.

I never waivered with my support and even experienced some glory years through the 1970s and 1980s, albeit from a distance.

I was 14 years old when I attended my first West Ham game on my own, away to Notts County in 1978. The excitement of that day, I can still feel.

Since that day I've been a regular to many games home and away. The excitement and build-up was always there, even though I often went home feeling deflated rather than elated - you know what I mean!

During the whole of this time I have, as many do, also followed my local team Lincoln City, going to many of their games. Believe me, if you think West Ham have had it bleak over the years trying following a team like Lincoln!

Which brings me onto my main point.

Three years ago Lincoln City appointed two Essex boys to manage the team - Danny Cowley and his younger brother, Nicky.

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These guys are dyed in the wool Hammers fans but have completely transformed my local football club. Lincoln have been promoted twice, won their first domestic cup competition at Wembley (don't laugh, the Checkatrade Trophy).

Two seasons ago Lincoln became the first non-league team to reach the last eight of the FA Cup, having beaten Premier League Burnley away. They were comfortably beaten by Arsenal, but it was a remarkable achievement nonetheless.

Danny and Nicky have come to Lincoln and completely changed the whole feeling within the city.

Since West Ham moved to the London Olympic Stadium I have felt more and more isolated from the team that I really love. Sometimes I don't feel the love anything like as much as I used to.

I continue to keep coming to Stratford in the hope that I get the feeling I once had back, but I'm not sure I will.

Anyway, getting back to Danny Cowley. This is a manager who I believe is destined to manage at the very highest level in English football. And if I could have him manage any club, I hope that one day, that will be West Ham United.

Danny, who learnt his trade from his father Steve Cowley and grew up playing for Gidea Park Rangers has all the right attributes to be a great West Ham manager. He's one of us and a great motivator.

Now i've brought him to your attention keep a watch on him, he's going all the way. And if he carries on being as successful, he could be a potential West Ham manager within three to five years time.

Get a bet on that now - I already have!

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