You're no longer welcome

I went out last night, a load of us from work. We spoke about all different things and typically it came to football.

One of the chaps, a smashing bloke in his mid fifties is a Chelsea fan. A real one, not a plastic. He'd been there when they were shit, through thick and thin.

Whilst he wasn't complaining at the success they've had since the Russian has been there, he says the club's not the same and that it's not necessarily all about trophies and winning stuff.

I know we're supposed to hate each other, but the reality is we've all got that sensible mate that supports a club we don't like - a proper genuine supporter and old school who remembers the game before the Premier League and Sky ruined it forever.

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Back in the day: Chelsea v West Ham, old school

He remembers his run-ins with West Ham and the old faces but he said despite that, he had respect for us because we were a proper club with proper supporters. I suppose some will say his opinion isn't worth anything, but I listen to people like him. He's old school.

And he said to me last night in a non-pitiful but genuine way, "Mate, I feel so sorry for you lot. You were a proper club with a proper ground. What have your lot done to you?

"You ain't West Ham anymore, and I don't mean that nasty. You used to have something about you. But what your owners have done has killed your club."

He even admitted he didn't really like what Chelsea have become, but he says at least they're still in their own ground, and the roots of the club are still there.

Usually, I would have switched off, or at least try to give some defence of my club, but you know what? I couldn't. He was bang on, because he was actually saying it with a bit of sadness, because he has family and friends that are West Ham.

He was sad to see these people, genuine supporters, have their club and ground taken away from them because of sheer greed from our owners. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yet, strangely, supporters of other clubs can see what's been done to us - yet there's still many West Ham supporters who can't.

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We'll rise again, at some point in the future, but when I do not know. If we go down this season, I can see us down there in the Football League for years to come. I could even see us drop another division too.

Relegation won't hurt our owners in the pocket. They'll just loan the club more money and claw it back at extortionate interest rates. They won't sell something worthless, they'll cling on to it in their vain hope they will eventually get it right and get their asking price.

David Gold and David Sullivan have killed one of England's greatest clubs. By greatest, I'm not referring to trophies won, because greatness goes deeper than that. Now, we are just a rotting carcass, carrion at the bottom of the table, waiting for the vultures.

to pick the bones, take the flesh that is Rice, Antonio, Fabianski, Anderson etc when we go through that trap door, perhaps never to return. You did this GSB. This is on you. Cut your losses and get out of our club. Now. Employ a chairman until you sell.

Step away from the running of the club. Your're no longer welcome.

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