How to Make Football Better

Even if you’re a diehard football fan, you can probably admit that there are ways to make football better.

Even though it’s one of the most complete sports in the world, it’s still full of opportunities to improve. This guide will focus on the Premier League and some of the main ways to make football better.

Keep managers for longer

One of the most frustrating trends in recent years is the culture of firing managers. It seems that managers have become the number one scapegoat for anything that’s wrong with a club. If a team starts losing, the manager gets fired. If the owners aren’t happy, the manager gets fired. It has created a period of uncertainty in English football that stops clubs from building a wider culture. Take Alex Ferguson as an example - he was at Manchester United for six years before they won the Premier League.

Stop changing the rules

Consistency is important for football fans. Constantly changing the rules makes it difficult for players and clubs to establish themselves. Although the changing of rules is designed to improve the game overall, it ends up creating a lack of consistency from one season to the next. There should be a limit to how often rules can be changed.

Limit the use of VAR

In many ways, VAR is football’s saving grace. It should prevent any arguments about if a player was offside, if a player was fouled, or if a ball crossed the line. And to some extent, it does. However, it also takes a lot of the excitement and passion out of the game. Nowadays, instead of celebrating a goal immediately, players and fans look to the ref for confirmation. The use of VAR should be limited like it is in tennis. Tennis players get two chances (per set) to use Hawk-Eye technology to challenge a call.

Introduce sin-bins

Sin-bins are used in many sports instead of an outright exclusion from the game. This could be an excellent addition to football. If a player causes a technical foul or one that doesn’t warrant a red card, they could be sent to the sin bin for a short period of time. This would give the other team a limited advantage.

Make games more affordable

Football is supposed to be the game of the people. But game tickets and season tickets are becoming prohibitively expensive. With clubs needing to spend so much on player wages and transfers, they have to increase the ticket prices. That means fans are paying for this ridiculous money culture that has entered the game. Football should be accessible and affordable to everyday people. From game tickets to sports betting, the whole culture of football needs to be designed for everyday people.

Introduce wage caps

Football player wages have gotten completely out of control. Nowadays, top-flight players make so much money they become cut off from the rest of society. It’s harder for fans to relate to them, and it causes more scrutiny every time they make a mistake. It’s okay for players to earn big wages, but it should be capped.

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