How to Combine Professional Football and Higher Education

Nowadays, success means being able to do everything at once. You need to spin in different directions to expand your range of skills and knowledge. There are many professional athletes entering the university, so it’s not that impossible, right? It can turn out to be an exciting step because many student-athletes initially doubt the possibility of combining both sports and education.

Many believe it to be impossible to achieve success and high results in two directions at once. Constant trips to competitions and training camps oblige to miss lessons at school and lectures at the university, and sometimes even exams. That can make students sacrifice one thing for another, which will not help to achieve any of the objectives.

Teachers have different attitudes towards student athletes. Some treat them favorably, and others have so over-reaching requirements or standards and cannot accept that student-athletes are absent from the lectures. Of course, in such situations, classmates come to the rescue who are ready to explain the material and even do it for you (this happens).

No matter the higher education degree you pick, we believe you can still accomplish a lot in it even if you’re actively competing at the same time. You can join the faculty of journalism and receive the qualifications or become an expert writer at the paper writing service MasterPapers. Alternatively, you can potentially choose to learn physics and become a scientist. Regardless of what you choose, you can only be successful if you approach this kind of student life with a plan.


Prioritization is a crucial moment. You should clearly understand what you want to get from education and sports and move forward in accordance with the chosen direction. Determine for yourself what is more important? I knew that I definitely wanted to get an education, but at the same time, I was not going to quit sports.

So, if you’re an aspiring football player that is also currently a student, don’t forget about your studies. Of course, whenever the choice comes between football and studying, the former should always be prioritized. The latter can be delegated to professionals eager to help with academic tasks – 2021?s Best Essay Writing Services in the U.S. - The Top 5.

Set Goals

It is extremely useful to assess your possibilities and set realistic goals adequately. They help to focus, understand the actions and the fidelity of the direction, which, in turn, gives self-confidence. It decomposes big problems into small ones and lets you organize your time efficiently. As a result, you will have more chances to accomplish more than your peers.

Make a Plan and Schedule

A rough plan of events and a clear schedule of classes will accelerate movement in any direction of activity. Rare trips to classes and training will not give anything – a waste of time. This point comes straight from setting goals. When you’ve correctly set goals and created them according to the time schedule, you will have no problems with time conflicts. Of course, they will inevitably arise, but with a schedule, you will have fewer problems handling them.


Rest is the main component in the daily routine. The correct distribution of loads and breaks makes it possible to move forward, even when it is difficult. Especially when being a professional football athlete, your body needs regular recovery. Otherwise, you will fizzle out, lose time and physical fitness, taking a few steps back from your goal.

Rest is essential to great academic performance too! Many studies have previously proven that tired students forget more things and learn ineffectively. So, remember to add sufficient amounts of rest and sleep to your schedule!

Give Yourself the Right to Make Mistakes

There are times when nothing works, and you don’t want anything. It is worth questioning every step you take because there is always the likelihood of failure, both in sports and school. Treat falls like another rung and experience – this is what will strengthen you. Mistakes make you more prepared for future challenges.

To Conclude

Cleverness, skill, endurance, courage, speed – all qualities of truly successful footballers. The facts we mentioned today prove once and for all that footballers are capable and smart people, even qualified to do “brainy” jobs like academic writing professionals at services, such as MasterPapers. However, it is their dedication and strict training regime that led these people to success.

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