The Significance of Grass Roots Investment

What is grassroots investment, and why is it so crucial? Uncover why grassroots investment is significant and how West Ham and other groups are doing their bit.

Grassroots sports investment is so important in the modern climate. Even more so after the events of 2020 that have continued to some degree in 2021. By investing in grassroots, we can help people of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and reduce pressure on public services, such as the NHS.

We're proud to report that West Ham United is doing its bit to help grassroots football. Another big project is underway to support non-league football clubs, backed by the Entain group who are the proud owners of PartyCasino, one of the most successful brands in the online casino space.

What is grassroots investment?

Grassroots investment is when an elite professional team or a company external to sports decides to donate money and support the lowest levels of sports participation, such as children's football. However, grassroots investment is not just about helping kids sport and can include amateur adult teams too.

Why is grassroots investment significant?

Grassroots investment is essential to help smaller teams and clubs to continue the service they provide. Most grassroots sport runs on volunteers and tight budgets, so when a professional team or company come along and offer to help out financially, it gives the grassroots club a boost and enables them to upgrade facilities and old equipment or to support the longevity of the club. It might even pay for special events and coaching.

Investing in grassroots sport gives opportunities to increase community sporting participation, which can help tackle obesity, create social circles, and combat mental health issues among all age groups, reducing pressure on public services. With respect to children's grassroots sport, it provides an opportunity for children to develop confidence, find their passion, put down their iPads and even nurture talent for the future.

Examples of grassroots sports investment

West Ham United grassroots coaching investment

West Ham United has been heavily involved in improving the standard of coaching among Asian communities in East London. They’re assisting in developing a new generation of coaches and even funding FA Level 1 and Level 2 coaching badges to improve the quality of coaching that young people are receiving. The work being done will also help the club to identify talent and nurture the development of these players.

Entain’s non-league football commitment

The Entain group has invested significant amounts into the Trident Community Foundation, an initiative set up to support community projects run by clubs from the three trident leagues. It allows these teams to apply to the foundation for funding, which can set up and deliver community sporting projects, often in football. Stuart Pearce acts as the foundation's ambassador and hopes the donated money will make a difference and keep people engaged with non-league teams at a crucial moment in their history.

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