That was the week we could do without

They say a week is a long time in politics. Well, they can't have been around West Ham at the moment.

After the bruising we have all taken this week, you really start to get angry and frustrated that West Ham seems to have become a basket case again at the drop of the hat and that the folk who run the place gave the impression they'd struggle to run a market stall, such was the indecision on all fronts.

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The inertia, lack of clear judgement and a chairman and board frozen in the headlights, scared to make a decision that could go horribly wrong.

It all started, well not really, with the fallout from the Wolves horror show and the news that David Moyes was going to be axed within hours. Or not, as it played out.

Then the week really got into its stride with Declan Rice as good as damned it , working his ticket out of the club. I wish him well, we all know he needs to leave to play in the Champions League, but when the probable move to Arsenal was splashed all over the back pages, it reality hurt.

And when papers start using the expression ‘the player is aware of what is on offer', it doesn't take much to join the dots. All I will say to him now is don't leave West Ham on a bad note by not giving every ounce of concentration to our fight against relegation.

Seeing as he is statistically our best player this season by a country mile, I think we can rely on him on that score.

Meanwhile Rafa Benitez, Sean Dyche and Nuno Espirito Santo have been heavily trolled as potential new managers, maybe to see what the fanbases reaction would be. A KUMB poll decided we would rather Moyes stayed rather than appoint Benitez, and ther thought of Dyche turned a few stomachs.

But surely Danny Ings' arrival looked like a required reunion for when Dyche takes over, the striker having enjoyed his best years under Dyche at Burnley. It's fair to say our fans will believe anything at moment.

While all this was going on we still had a manager and he was talking up his achievements at West Ham and remarking that he could have signed future World Cup final star Julian Alvarez.

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Blimey, that got the almost twittered-out 'Moyes out' footsoldiers in a wonderous tail spin. How could he miss out, it shows he's not up to it. The fact the kid was going to Manchester City, they paid more and signed him for £21m was probably the reason Moyes didn't get him.

Still, the anti-Moyes stuff continued unabated. It was suggested David Sullivan would do nothing until after the Everton game and the tribute to his late business partner and friend planned for Saturday's match.

More outcries from the masses that Moyes should be axed and a new man appointed straight away. Although it seems no board meeting had been held, despite rumours and of course no candidates had been spoken to. Yeah, right.

We tried for Harry McGuire on loan and Nigerian striker Terem Moffi's name was touted - a Mark Noble discovery - at £25m. This when it was claimed Gianluca Scamacca could be out for a month and Michail Antonio wanted out, he was miffed that he'd lost his place and was on his way to Everton.

Craig Dawson wasn't training and was instead at home in the 'north' - I guess even West Bromwich is in the north if you are a West Ham fan. Wolves were not keen on £7m and £3.5m appears more likely, now a deal has been agreed. So why were we selling two key players to relegation rivals?

More social media meltdown. No one should be surprised if Sullivan gives the go-ahead, the fact that both players are represented by his favourite agent Will Salthouse is just incidental in all this.

And so it goes on. The leaking to favoured client fans groups that the club had doubts about Moyes a year ago, you mean when we were sixth and reaching a European semi-final? Really? Or is there an attempt to muddy the waters as the sacking was about to happen.

It didn't help that all our relegation rivals were signing additions to their squads in preparation for the second half of the season. That is until Danny Ings dropped in our laps, to a fair amount of disbelief, it has to be said.

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He's over 30, there's little resale value and he has a history of injury issues, was the general attitude. But at £12m plus £3m add ons, you would assume if we avoid ther drop the deal looked better than the first reaction.

Ings had turned down two clubs, including Everton and it's fair to say we have paid top dollar on wages - £100,000-a-week is the rumour. If the move works, if we start finishing our chances - outside the top six we have one of the best ‘chances created' stat - then he will be a hero.

So welcome to the funny farm, Danny, give it your all and nobody will care about the fee.

And then we ended the week with Antonio moaning about everything, it seemed. He pointed out in an interview that we had been trying to change our style to accommodate Champions League football, rather than Moyes' favoured 'hit on the break' system.

We have been trying to master a more possession-based, passing game said Antonio and it had not been working. It's only fair to say that Antonio is as guilty as anyone for that, but that point seemed to escape him. "My agent is looking after the transfer stuff, I only want to play." Well thanks for that insight, Mickey.

And behind all this there is the parallel universe of the on-going sale of WHUFC, amidst rumours that a director had been to the Middle East to drum up interest and a Qatari group were interested in buying the club.

They would want full control, maybe the Olympic Park and certainly the stadium. You could be thinking that Sullivan has taken his eyes off the ball as a £600m deal seems possible. Your guess is as good as mine on that, but come the end of April when that unfortunate tax clause expires, things may move swiftly.

But it's West Ham isn't it and pigs do fly, it seems. So on to the little matter of beating Everton with Moyes' job on the line. I can't wait for next week and a quieter few days. No chance there, then.

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