Fortunes always Hyde-ing

I know for a fact that we aren’t the only club in the country which has trouble with inconsistency, but I have huge doubts that any quite encompass the phrase 'Jekyll & Hyde outfit' more than West Ham.

For as long as I can remember, and no matter the calibre of player wearing the claret and blue, the propensity of this club to be able to play the best in the land off the pitch, only to capitulate to lesser mortals days later has been a mainstay of this club's DNA for as long as I can remember.

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But is it this unpredictably, the grounding nature of it, the in-turn gallows humour our support adopt, that actually what makes us so unique. So self depreciating. So exasperating. So addictive?

The memories and joyous celebrations of despatching the bigger names, has far too often been tempered by embarrassment at the hands of the likes of Blackpool, Newport, Torquay, the list continues ad nauseam.

When you know the same set of players who can dispatch the self-proclaimed, champions-elect on Wednesday can fail so predictably three days later, life’s not going to be dull in footballing terms.

As frustrating as it can be, it’s a real lesson in being humble, not adopting the hugely-entitled stance taken by some of contemporaries. Yes I’m looking at you Chelsea, Newcastle and Arsenal.

It’s something I’ve tried to instill into my kids. While it’s good, celebrate it, lap it up - because your mood, your hopes and dreams can be dashed within the week. It’s character building, and it makes the good times oh so much sweeter.

And as we witness this current chapter in our club's history - despite the money spent, despite the cultural make-up changing, despite the stock and reputation of player being higher - the ability to be West Ham and sink to the level of opposition will never leave.

As we enter this international break it’s safe to say Phase 2 of this season hasn’t gone to plan so far, to say the least - but that’s not to say it has been a total failure. Though with games seemingly more favourable in terms of standard of opposition, to come away with just four points from our last five league outings, after such an exuberant start to the campaign, is disappointing to say the least.

Following the flat showing against Everton and defensive capitulation at Brentford and Villa, to show some character in the fight back against Forest was heartening.

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It’s not to say there wasn’t frustrations with our display. But amidst another woeful refereeing display and the lapses into not knowing that incision and guile are required, the character and determination to earn the three points was ultimately rewarded.

We’re beginning to evolve into a side that not only can cope without Michail Antonio and a striker of his ilk, but can potentially thrive. I may be wearing my claret and blue tinted spectacles here, but little steps and all that.

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