West Ham Utd v Nottingham Forest: five talking points

Following a poor run of Premier League form, which resulted in just one point being taken from 12, the Hammers were right back on it with back-to-back wins against Olympiacos and Nottingham Forest prior to the international break.

Trying to make sense of it all once again for KUMB was Chris Wilkerson...

Ward-Prowse Wizardry

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Corners and freekicks count, and that seems to be forgotten when assessing a Ward-Prowse performance. It’s unfair to label him a ‘set-piece merchant’ to damn him with faint praise, and his delivery is arguably making him West Ham’s most important player.

Saviour and Sinner

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The Tomas Soucek story sees him the villain and the hero. Like Ward-Prowse assists, Soucek’s telling contributions change his performances. He was poor for the majority of the game, but won it in typical fashion. When does one outweigh the other?

Leaking Goals

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West Ham are conceding more. The trend over the last few seasons has seen the team concede more each year. The Hammers have let in 22 from 12 league games, 1.83 goals per game. They were at 1.45 per game last year, 1.34 and 1.24 the two seasons prior. Carrying on at this rate, that’s 15 more goals conceded this season than last.

Jarrod Up Top

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This was the first real sign that Bowen is going to be used as a primary striker. He grabbed a goal, but was he effective? This is a work in progress, and we need a real sample size before making judgements.

A Lesson in Momentum

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It’s funny how football works. A quick equaliser shouldn’t turn the game so dramatically, but Forest were a panicked mess from there out. In what was a level game, they suddenly had no attack and just welcomed West Ham on.

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