This week in football: five talking points

West Ham remain without a win in 2024, having faced Sheffield United, Brighton, Bournemouth and Championship side Bristol City (twice) - who eventually ended United's FA Cup hopes for another season.

Looking back at a jaded January, KUMB's Chris Wilkerson picks the bones out of a disappointing start to the new year...

Outrageous outrage

Why is there such vitriol in the debate about David Moyes? Whilst I would renew at this stage, we can all understand fans preferring a different style of football.

But the club is fighting for a fourth consecutive season of European football, a season after winning a first trophy in decades. Yet the manager is crucified by many like he’s Avram Grant and the team are floundering.

Controversy for cash: My answer?

Not to come over a bit Abe Simpson, but it’s those darn social media accounts. The floating heads in front of a camera types. They need your clicks for their content to make money, and getting high on their own drama is their best bet for attention.

It’s having a detrimental effect on the team and club, with anger spilling over into the stands. This is not Crystal Palace, who are playing stale football without success. Whatever your thoughts on Moyes, the club is in a very healthy position; your anger is misplaced.

Emerson needs to improve

Has the full-back had a particularly good game since Paqueta got injured? His performances in the last few matches has been well under par, and whilst his pass-and-move football has been vital this year, will the manager look for a player who contributes more effectively in both final thirds?

Not ready for Osman

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Brighton signing Osman is likely about very little else than knowing the right people and having infrastructure set up around the world to make deals.

Brighton were the ones who signed Caicedo when others thought it too complicated, because they knew who to talk to and how to make the deal. This comes with extensive network building, which West Ham can only really have started when Steidten joined. It will take time to put things in place.

Cut off at the knees

David Sullivan, once again, has failed to back a manager when they’re on the brink of something special. Allardyce will remember it well, with his team competing with the top four, he got spare parts and spare change.

Moyes has twice had big opportunities for something more halfway through a league campaign, and both times he has been left unsupported in the January window. Surely, even his most vociferous detractors can see that he’s not been given the tools?

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