The King is dead! Long live the King!

Maybe that’s a tad over-dramatic in describing the end of David Moyes’ reign as West Ham manager, and the start of Julen Lopetegui’s tenure as Head Coach (spot the subtle difference) - with a start date of 1 July now officially announced.

But there again, maybe it’s not too dramatic because make no mistake about it, the whole Moyes In! or Moyes Out! debacle was a drama of epic proportions played out in full view, not just in east London amongst West Ham fans, but across the football spectrum, including the media.

Although the ex-players and pundits who dared to venture an opinion, almost unanimously in support of Moyes it has to be said, were told in no uncertain terms to keeps their noses out!

So has the final curtain really fallen on the club’s in-fighting, or will the spectre of Moyes still loom large as we look ahead to the next Premier League campaign under new leadership?

If so - and I believe there are still plenty of miles in the debate yet - this time will it be the still bitter pro-Moyes supporters who take on the role as instigators of anarchy in the same way the anti’s started the whole thing off in the first place?

The waters might have calmed somewhat for now as we’ve entered the close season, but come August and the start of a new campaign, will the embers still glowing beneath the surface be rekindled and the acrimony between the two factions begin all over again?

The Moyes Out! campaigners were confident they were in the majority, and rejoiced when it was announced Moyes would finally be leaving. But an awful lot of less vocal supporters believed Moyes had been pilloried unfairly.

They were angry his achievements had been undermined; the fact that he had put our club back on the football map ignored.

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It’s certain they will be watching every step Lopetegui takes and responding accordingly to every mistake they feel he makes. A slow and faltering start to the campaign could once again light the blue touch paper. It’s generally accepted most managers are afforded a honeymoon period while they settle in. Lopetegui’s honeymoon could be very short-lived, unless he hits the ground running.

I have been a supporter of this club for more years than I care to remember – but I’m in no doubt I have never experienced a split in the fanbase like the one we have just witnessed.

It’s not been a good look for the club as a whole and despite what some might think about today’s players being detached from the fans, it can’t have been a good experience for them playing for a manager under such vitriolic fire across social media. Especially the input of those infamous YouTubers.

The players will have seen and heard what was being said – putting that to the back of their mind would have been difficult.

No-one, with the best interest of this club at heart, would want to see that start all over again – this time with a new name in the frame. But it could happen and I’m far from convinced it won't. If Lopetegui falters in any way it’s the still bitter Moyes supporters who might come back to have the last say!

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