KUMB Awards VI: 02/03 Season

  • Results Announced: Friday, 30th May 2003

Welcome to the sixth annual KUMB awards, for the 2002/03 season. We asked you to vote in nine categories once again; here's how you saw it.


1. JOE COLE (81.8%)
2. GLEN JOHNSON (4.2%)
3. PAOLO DI CANIO (3.9%)

One of the very few positives from a desperately disappointing season, Joe - who also won the KUMB writers award - romped home with this years award winning 4 in every 5 votes. Glen Johnson and Paolo Di Canio - second and third respectively - played less than half-a-season each, which tells its own story.

Previous Winners:
1997:John Hartson; 1998: Steve Lomas; 1999: Paolo Di Canio; 2000: Stuart Pearce; 2001: Sebastien Schemmel


1. GLEN JOHNSON (85.4%)
3. JOE COLE (4.2%)

The latest (and possibly the last?) future England international to be churned out of the Academy. But for Seb Schemmel's demise we may not have had the pleasure to see Glen in action, and he may have stayed at Millwall where he spent the earlier part of the season on loan. Last years winner Jermain Defoe came home as runner-up whilst your Player of the Year Joe Cole inexplicably managed only third!

Previous Winners:
1997 Rio Ferdinand; 1998 Rio Ferdinand/Frank Lampard; 1999 Michael Carrick; 2000 Michael Carrick; 2001 Jermain Defoe


2. LES FERDINAND (31.7%)

Own up - how many of you thought it was a good move to buy Rufus back in January? Not many I'd wager, but how he has proved his worth to the side since moving from Fulham during the transfer window. Big Les - who, like Rufus worked his socks off for the team deservedly comes in second - whilst Youssef obviously impressed the reserve team watchers, grabbing a few votes.

Previous Winners:
1997 Eyal Berkovic; 1998 Trevor Sinclair; 1999 Igor Stimac; 2000 Frederic Kanoute; 2001 Sebastien Schemmel


1. GLEN JOHNSON (40.5%)
2. JOE COLE (24.9%)
3. TOMAS REPKA (18.8%)

A mere promising youth team player at the start of the season, Glen is surely one of the first names on the first team team sheet these days. More mature performances you will be hard pushed to find in one so young; this boy will go (very) far - this his second gong of the year. Joe Cole makes the top three again coming in second, whilst the much maligned Tomas Repka earns a third for a superb second half of the season.

Previous Winners:
1997 Frank Lampard; 1998 Frank Lampard; 1999 Marc-Vivien Foe; 2000 Michael Carrick; 2001 Christian Dailly


1. CHELSEA 1-0 (h) 03/05/03 (47.3%)
2.CHELSEA 3-2 (a) 28/09/02 (21%)
3. ARSENAL 2-2 (h) 24/08/02 (11.3%)

The end of an era? Few players have had the same impact as Paolo Di Canio did during his 4 year love affair with West Ham. Not surprisingly you voted his final home appearance as the most memorable match of the season. On as a second half sub that day Paolo's final home goal kept our hopes of avoiding relegation alive in front of an emotionally-charged crowd. The first of two wins over Chelsea, at Stamford Bridge - where Paolo hit a brace - came in second, whilst the game that possibly started the rot rolls in third.

Previous Winners:
1997 Tottenham 4-3 (h); 1998 Palace 4-1 (h)/Barnsley 6-0 (h); 1999 Arsenal 2-1 (h); 2000 Man Utd 1-0 (a); 2001 Man Utd 1-0 (a)


1. PAOLO DI CANIO vs CHELSEA (a) (74.4%)
2. PAOLO DI CANIO vs CHELSEA (h) (18.1%)

Paolo Di Canio won this particular award (for the third time in four seasons no less) thanks to that stunning volley against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Collecting a throw on he teed it up with one foot before smashing home an unstoppable dipping volley from all of 25 yards. The aforementioned farewell goal was your second favourite of the season, whilst Sinc's equally marvellous volley at the Stadium of Light deservedly came in third.

Previous Winners:
1997 Hartson v A.Villa; 1998 Lazaridis v Newcastle; 1999 Di Canio v Wimbledon; 2000:Di Canio v Manchester United; 2001 Trevor Sinclair v Derby


1. GARY BREEN (66.7%)
2. LEE BOWYER (7.8%)
3. TITI CAMARA (5.5%)

Winning this one by a country mile Eire's Gary Breen was the player who caused the most groan's from the Upton Park faithful this year - although it is perhaps for his performance (and I use that term loosely) in the 6-0 FA Cup drubbing at Old Trafford that will keep him painfully etched in the memory of long-suffering Hammers fans. The much-hyped arrival of bad boy Bowyer was as interesting as his short stint at the club went, whilst the winner in this category for the last two years, Titi Camara, continued to give you the wobbles.

Previous Winners:
1997 Iain Dowie; 1998 Iain Dowie/Andy Impey; 1999 Neil Ruddock; 2000 Titi Camara; 2001 Titi Camara


1. GARY BREEN (69.3%)
2. LEE BOWYER (23%)

Not even close - former Barcelona target (don't laugh) Breen romped home again for his second gong of the year. Our one major (free) signing of the season proved the very worst - and how. Another one for the horror book alongside the likes of previous winners Sasa Ilic (aarggh) and Raggy Soma (yaaahh). Lee Bowyer rolls in runner-up again for his amazing transformation from Champions League player to disinterested passer-by whilst the useless Frenchman comes in third.

Previous Winners:
1997 Ian Pearce; 1998 Andy Impey; 1999 Sasa Ilic; 2000 Titi Camara; Ragnvald Soma 2001


1. RELEGATION (44.7%)
3. THE BOARD (10.4%)

No surprises, of course the big disappointment this season was our slide into the Football League. In traditional style we took it all the way but the late run of form was just too little, too late. Our cause was clearly not helped by failing to win at home until the end of January - your second choice - whilst the club's board of directors get their fair share of stick for failing to invest in the side despite obvious gaps in the sqaud.

Previous Winners:
1999 Mannygate; 2000 Spurs FA Cup defeat; 2001 Chelsea FA Cup defeat

So that's that for another season; let's hope 2003/04 brings us a little more to cheer! A big thankyou to everyone who took the trouble to enter their votes in this years awards.