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or everything you wanted to know about Knees up Mother Brown but were afraid to ask. is an independent media organisation managed by supporters of West Ham United. It provides a platform to fans where they may share their views on current affairs at the club via a multitude of formats. As an independent organisation we remain free to speak openly and honestly about the club and its Board. is the longest-running and busiest independent West Ham website. In its first year online - season 1997/98 - KUMB generated just a few thousand page views; we now serve several million pages each and every month to an ever-increasing readership.

KUMB's news archive is the most comprehensive record of daily Hammers news available on the web (covering some 20+ years, considerably longer than even West Ham United FC's own online archive); you may search KUMB's entire news database here.

KUMB is an acronym of Knees up Mother Brown. Why Knees up Mother Brown? Simply because it was a song popular with West Ham United's away support between the early 1960s and late 80s and often heard following a good win on the road - so it represents happier days...

Here's where you can learn more about the background to the song - and to watch it belted out at the Boleyn after the Ipswich play-off semi final win in 2004, play (and enjoy!) this video:


KUMB first went online during the summer of 1997 and has been ploughing on - through good times and bad (and even worse!) - ever since.


The original KUMB logo


The site you are viewing now is v8, with the original KUMB having received major overhauls in 1998, 2000, September 2003, September 2005, November 2006, July 2008 and, most recently, in August 2019.

KUMB's creator, owner and Editor is Graeme Howlett, who initially developed KUMB as a temporary project in the summer of 1997. Gordon Thrower, who has contributed to KUMB for most of that time became Deputy Editor in 2005.

The current Forum moderators are (in no specific order) Up the Junction, Gnome, Chalks, Rio, BristolHammerFC, The Pink Palermo, last.caress and Wilko1304 - whilst scores of fellow Hammers have contributed match reports and articles over the years.

Previous Forum moderators have included Amsterhammer (2002-2006), Bonehead (2002-2008), Northern Paulo (2002-2008), Romford (2002-2015), Sicknote (2002-2019), Lost Hammer (2003-2007), Goes2Eleven (2005-2007), Alf Garnett's (Ex) Missus (2011-2012), Wheels (2011-2012) and -DL- (2012-2022).

All of these supporters have given their time voluntarily, some for many years, and without their dedication and effort the Forum may have ceased to exist long ago.

The original KUMB Podcast was produced and presented by Chris Scull and James Longman. The show ran for five seasons between 2013 and 2016 and was recorded on a weekly basis throughout the football season (August to May).



Guests included a number of former West Ham United players plus famous fans such as Russell Brand, James Corden and Irving Welsh. The archive may be found here.

Chris Scull remains involved with West Ham as a presenter of the club's media content whilst James Longman is currently slumming it in Hollywood, where he produces James Corden's hugely popular Late, Late Show.

The KUMB Podcast relaunched in 2021 and is currently hosted by Chris Wilkerson along with regular panellists Jack Elderton and Callum Goadall.

Although is almost unique amongst independent club-based websites in having enjoyed privileged access to media facilities/players/club staff for more than 15 years we are not affiliated to West Ham United FC in any way and, as such, remain free to speak openly about affairs relating to the club.




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