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by Clarksville
Fri Nov 09, 2018 12:04 pm
Forum: The Sports Bar
Topic: Bellew vs Usyk Boxing ticket available (NON WHU)
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Bellew vs Usyk Boxing ticket available (NON WHU)

I was going up to Huddersfield this weekend and have a ticket for the boxing at the MEN Arena in Manchester the same night but I am still on crutches from a recent ankle operation and its still a real struggle getting about so I have decided that I will not be going to either event. I have 1 ticket ...
by Clarksville
Fri Oct 21, 2016 12:33 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Olympic Stadium Discussion and Questions
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Re: Olympic Stadium Discussion and Questions

West Dan wrote:Looking for some help, for those who got a new season ticket this week to force you to go into gate A, I've received mine but my son hasn't. Does anyone know if it's all cards being replaced or just the adult ones?
I spoke to the club today and they are not issuing new cards for kids.
by Clarksville
Wed Aug 17, 2016 12:32 pm
Forum: West Ham United FC Match Threads
Topic: ELPO: Astra Giurgiu 1-1 West Ham Utd (18/8/16)
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Re: Astra Giurgiu v West Ham Utd: match thread

Starting line up 1/ Anyone but Valencia 2/ Anyone but Valencia 3/ Anyone but Valencia 4/ Anyone but Valencia 5/ Anyone but Valencia 6/ Anyone but Valencia 7/ Anyone but Valencia 8/ Anyone but Valencia 9/ Anyone but Valencia 10/ Anyone but Valencia 11/ Anyone but Valencia You can probably guess the ...
by Clarksville
Thu Mar 17, 2016 11:15 pm
Forum: West Ham United FC Match Threads
Topic: FACQFR: West Ham Utd 1-2 Manchester Utd (13/04/16)
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Re: Manchester Utd v West Ham Utd: FAC QF Match Thread

If you read the 'from the treatment room' article on the West Ham website, that pretty much confirms that the replay against Man United is locked in for Wednesday 6th April now that they are out of the Europa league. It won't be Tuesday 5th as Man U are playing Everton on Sunday 3rd April. Let's all...
by Clarksville
Wed Apr 09, 2008 5:32 pm
Forum: West Ham United FC Match Threads
Topic: West Ham Utd 0 Portsmouth 1 (08/04/08)
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Re: West Ham Utd v Portsmouth: match thread

Bloke sits right behind me and he was tanked. Best part of the night, beat any of the football. Funniest bit was when the stewards came up to him and told him to calm down, they turned around, took 5 steps down and next thing you hear is: "Redknapp you theiving ****, we want our f*cking money!...
by Clarksville
Sat Feb 02, 2008 4:00 pm
Forum: West Ham United FC Match Threads
Topic: Wigan 1 West Ham Utd 0 (02/02/08)
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Re: Wigan v West Ham Utd: match thread

Can anyone help. I usually go to most away games but couldnt make today. Whats the easiest or best way to watch or listen to this game online?

by Clarksville
Thu Oct 04, 2007 2:48 pm
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Re: Games Confirmed to be shown in the US (I think)

I am off to St Louis this weekend and just wondered wether the Villa / West Ham game is definately going to be shown. If so I will hunt somewhere down that has Setanta. Thanks George August  Sat 11 Man City 10:00 FSC  Sat 18 Birmingham 10:00 Setanta September  Sat 01 Reading 10:00 Setanta  Sat 15 Mi...