West Ham Utd 3-1 Cardiff City (04/12/18)

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Re: ⚽ West Ham Utd v Cardiff City: Match Thread

Post by Graza » Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:33 pm

sutts07 wrote: They had two or three standing offside in the middle of the box but Hoilett came from outside the box and was played on by 4 or 5 of ours as the header came forward.

Clumsy from Arnautovic but Hoilett didn't need a lot of asking to go down. Hopefully learnt our lesson ahead of Zaha's visit this week.
You can definitely see why it was given but it's an example of everything that's wrong with the game. There is contact but he plants both feet before going down, it's soft, it's unnecessary and he could have played on but he saw he was in the box and went down. Yes Arnie should never have given him the opportunity to go down but compare the contact he makes to the contact made for their goal. On the one hand you have an attacking player going to ground like he's just been knifed in the back (eventually) on the other you have people staying on their feet despite the obvious fouling.

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Re: ⚽ West Ham Utd v Cardiff City: Match Thread

Post by Beavis Danzig » Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:38 pm

pens being given where there is no goal threat whatsoever just because the attacker got a toe in the box will need looking at once VAR comes in.

players fishing for any hint of contact that the officials can look at fifty times in super slow motion will make winning pens much easier than trying to score legitimate goals.

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