23/2/12 SAB Olympic consultation

All you need to know about West Ham United FC's potential move to Stratford.

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Re: 23/2/12 SAB Olympic consultation

Postby mywhufc on Sat Feb 09, 2013 7:52 pm

1mcavennie wrote:Is that consultation about the move?
What is going on?

The report is collated by the clubs appointed SAB representative in answer to the Questions the club sent to all SAB members who fed their replies to that person.

The club need to know what the fans want at the OS (if they can agree with the LLDC) so they can put that in their final bid, we are only preferred bidder at the moment.
The LLDC will then put forward what they are offering the club and at some point apply to their own planning committee for planning permission.
once planning permission is applied for, What the LLDC is offering the club will be then be able to go public.
at that point the club will then set about convincing that what they are being offered is right for the club, and people like me will then counter that argument and attempt to convince people that the move is wrong.
Fans that then qualify (still to be agreed who) will then be able to vote either for or against the move.

IMO anything less than a 60% against the move would mean it more likely that the move will happen.
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Re: 23/2/12 SAB Olympic consultation

Postby eastsider on Sun Feb 10, 2013 12:25 am

A very good ,fair factually correct and informative post IMO even though you are broadly agains the move and I am for it. fair play to you!! It bothers me greatly that some fantastic supporters on here are very unhappy at the thought of going to E20......
Lets hope however it pans out going forward the very vast majority of the supporters of our great club are happy at the end result! COYI. :crest:
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