Radiators help

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Radiators help

Post by Nurdis » Wed Apr 29, 2020 5:37 pm

Hello all.

Hoping someone can help with my radiators.

I have old fashioned cast iron ones like this with similar valves. Problem being that both valves look the same and have no numbers or markers on either side.

https://www.victorianplumbing.co.uk/ke ... lsrc=aw.ds

So now it’s warmer we want to turn some of them off. How do I know which should be open and which closed?

I had just closed both ends up... I then read this is not a good idea so had another look.

The one newer radiator in a bedroom upstairs has the thermostatic valve with numbers on the right hand side. However I think the one in the hallway gets hotter from the left.

So with the valve on the left closed... and the tap on the right open the radiator doesn’t warm up... so is the left one going to be the one I turn on and off with?


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Re: Radiators help

Post by 666 hammer » Mon Aug 24, 2020 6:07 am

It doesn't matter which one. You only need to shut one valve. 2 is just OTT. You want to stop the flow. With the thermostatic valve, for long term turning off, it us best to close the radiator off on the other valve as the pin on the thermostatic valve can get stuck in the closed position.
But ideally you should have a room thermostat and turn that down so the heating does not come on.

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