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Re: ✍ Tomas Soucek

Post by Colours never run »

Rice definitely is, his passing both short and long is usually top draw. Soucek no but he doesn't need to be as there's others like Rice who can. And we know it works because it worked so well last season during a lot of the great work we did up until last December and throughout our European campaign. And Lingard wasn't anywhere to be seen.

We have the array of attacking talent, they just need to be best utilised again in this specific West Ham side and the strong foundations we know have worked so well for us. I think there's almost been too much of an obsession looking for a quality plan B or C that we've actually taken our eye off the ball remembering what made our Team so great to begin with. We can revisit the other plans once we get a real foothold in the League again bit to achieve that now, I feel we have to go back to the 4231 and for the players to be as disciplined as they once were and not do what both Rice and Soucek have been guilty of more recently and that's being these box to box player's during open play they aint. It leaves us too exposed against quality opposition. And if it wasn't Soucek performing that role due to continued poor form, then I can also see Downes slotting in seamlessly in that role alongside Rice instead. The discipline though within the Team shaoe and structure must return for it to work as well as it once did.
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Re: ✍ Tomas Soucek

Post by hammer1975 »

We still seem overly focused on ‘passing’ being the main cause of our issues and Soucek’s weakness at it being one of the specific key issues. Whilst I don’t think he should be a nailed on starter and he’s clearly never going to be like Xavi there is a hugely contributing issue to our ills (imo). I’ve been watching a bit of football back and I’ll tell you that the movement around Soucek to give him simple options to pass to has utterly dried up compared to what it was. We are so static off the ball.

Not just Rice but our centre backs, and wide midfielders rarely make angles for him to play around the press in a simple way. It’s hugely noticeable to even someone who has as little understanding of tactics as me.

I blame Ralph Hassenhutl a bit tbh - he seemed to pioneer the high press on Declan and Soucek and now pretty much every team does it against us. If we could somehow have enough movement to play around that high press though ……
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