Womens World Cup 2023

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Re: Womens World Cup 2023

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BrumHammer wrote: Sun Aug 20, 2023 1:27 pm Booo :cried: Oh well, at least an iconic moment from Mary Earps.
Yeah, her massive "FUKKK OFF" was one for the ages.
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Re: Womens World Cup 2023

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Talk about taking the luster off a good day. Awful news.

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Re: Womens World Cup 2023

Post by Paolopaul »

sendô wrote: Sun Aug 20, 2023 2:58 pm Spain were the better team and deserved the win. We just couldn’t get close to them. This let to poor decision making and loose passes.

Im not sure Russo off at HT was the answer. Toone was the obvious choice, she didn’t offer much all game. Bronze was also poor and was caught out of position for the goal. Probably a tournament too far for her.

Ref wasn’t great. Let most of Spains niggling fouls go and completely bottled the second yellow for kicking the ball away.

None of that was why we lost though, Spain were just better all over the pitch.
Spain were the better side, but the first goal was crucial. Up until that point it was an end to end and open game that could have gone either way. From 1-0 we never really got a decent period of pressure and maybe lost belief. Spain kept the ball really well and knew how to make time disappear.

In retrospect, taking both Russo and Daly off at half time didn’t really help. The formation change was correct, and we were better second half, but removing the two best goal scorers in the team must have made it less likely to get an equaliser. We also lacked a focal point up front to hold the ball up.

Overall England can be very pleased with a tournament they went into with many injuries. Last year we narrowly beat Spain on the way to winning the Euros, a year later we narrowly lost. Always fine margins between the top sides and it’s hard to win them all!
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Re: Womens World Cup 2023

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A decision to appease the woke left....
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Re: Womens World Cup 2023

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Pretty hilarious that the coach that won World cup gets fired! Pretty sure that is unprecedented
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