Away game tickets

For information relating to allocations for forthcoming matches and buying/selling/exchanging match day tickets. Touts will be banned.

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Away game tickets

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Hi all

I am looking to see if there is anyone on here who has a season ticket who doesn't travel to the Northern away games.
The short story is I moved to Glasgow a couple of years ago and had to give up my season ticket, and work wise I am now in a position to start traveling to most if not all the away games north of London, with the future list release I can easily do,

Forest on the 2nd of November
Newcastle on the 23rd of November
Leicester on the 3rd of December
City on the 18th of Jan
villa on the 25th of Jan
Everton on the 15th of March
Wolves on the 1st of April
Ipswich on the 25th of May

i can also do the United and Liverpool game if you are not planning on attending them in April

If anyone is interested in building up their season ticket points score for future away games I'm happy to buy the ticket at face value .
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