Ticket Forum Rules: Please Read Before Posting

For information relating to allocations for forthcoming matches and buying/selling/exchanging match day tickets. Touts will be banned.

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Ticket Forum Rules: Please Read Before Posting

Post by Gnome »

To clarify the situation with regard to buying or selling tickets for matches using this forum:

All tickets offered for sale must include a sale price in the original post. Please note that we take a dim view on tickets being offered for sale over and above face value on KUMB. If you do so, you will be banned from this website (without notice) and your activities reported to your ISP and WHUFC.

Offering to pay over face value (and/or offering other inducements including charitable donations) for tickets is much the same - your post will be removed and you may be banned from this site. Please do not post more than one request thread per match/event. Duplicated threads will be deleted.

Anyone posting a link to a tout, ticket agency or any other website offering tickets for sale above face value may also be banned.

If anyone is offered tickets above face value as a result of a post on this forum please contact one of the moderators (names listed above).

Personal Contact Details
Please do NOT publish your phone numbers/email addresses. Personal contact details in posts will be deleted by a moderator. Serial offenders will be at risk of having their account suspended.

Bumping Posts
The rules re:bumping your own posts apply in this forum too. Threads that have been bumped will have the bumped post deleted.

Thank you - and good luck.