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Want to talk sport? The Forum to discuss all sports not related to the beautiful game.

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Posting Guidance

Post by bristolhammerfc »

This forum is for those who want to talk about other sports in the context of events that are happening now, events related to that sport and speculation related to that sport.

IT IS NOT for discussing the validity of that sport or those who wish to post about it.

SITE RULES will be applied by the Moderating team for which we do not require assistance.

Breaches of the above may at THE MODERATING TEAMS discretion result in sanctions up to and including a ban or blocking of access to the forum.

With this being solely a sports forum, we will now allow concurrent same sport threads , therefore for example the six nations can be discussed in game by game or weekend threads, in a tournament thread and in a generic rugby thread as before all will be open concurrently,this is for any sport , no matter what ,we will only merge duplicates, as hopefully it will be a very current other sports forum and not affect the old news format we think it's healthier all events get ample exposure in every sport even if only one or two of you like it, so please enjoy