Box of old WHU and other programmes - advice needed

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Box of old WHU and other programmes - advice needed

Post by WHU Independent » Sun May 09, 2021 7:57 pm

Hi all,

I'm hopefully moving soon and I have unearthed a box of old WHU, England and Other programmes - mainly 90% WHU though.

I don't want to take them with me and want to offload them pretty sharpish.

To give you some idea what's there:

A Home pile dated 1966 v's Man U Arsenal, Brussia Dortmund, Dagenham etc etc

A Home Pile dates 1976 against similar English teams. there's also some away against chelsea ManU and derby for the same period.

England V Bulgaria, Cyprus and other countries circa 1975

Oddities: Rangers V celtic from 70's, Totten V man U 70's- I've even got a Sunderland home program from 1953 when they played Racing Paris!

is there anyway of getting them valued en mass or do i just burn em and save myself the time?

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Re: Box of old WHU and other programmes - advice needed

Post by Mitten » Tue Jul 20, 2021 4:37 pm

Don,t think there is much of value here, except the Sunderland programme perhaps, but I'm not familiar with their rare issues. Ebay is always a good starting point

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