Racism , Classism , Elitism and Sexism Rife In English and Welsh Cricket .

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Racism , Classism , Elitism and Sexism Rife In English and Welsh Cricket .

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And the lack of a National Cricket Team in Wales -

Forgive me , I'm old and I never played Cricket apart from a few ' fun ' games with my friends back in the day - I'm not au fait with the rules of Test Cricket , One Day Cricket etc etc - it was only when Dasnut explained to me that the governing body of English cricket is actually called ' The England and Wales Cricket Board ' [ thanks , Dan , I honestly didn't know that ] that I discovered why Welshmen [ and Irish men with Welsh surnames ] are allowed to represent the England Cricket Team :newthumb:

Then the other day I read this '' Discrimination 'widespread' in English and Welsh cricket ''.... '' The Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC) has delivered its findings from a two-year investigation , The ICEC has made 44 recommendations, including that the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) makes an unreserved public apology for its failings.

In a damning 317-page report called Holding Up A Mirror To Cricket, the ICEC concluded that:

"Structural and institutional racism" continues to exist within the game.
Women are treated as "subordinate" to men at all levels of the sport.
There is a prevalence of "elitism and class-based discrimination" in cricket.
Black cricket has been failed and the ECB must develop a plan to revive it.
Many who experience discrimination do not report it because of a distrust in the authorities.
Umpires regularly ignore abuse and dismiss complaints in both the professional and recreational games. ''

Now correct me if I'm wrong but I do believe that Wales do not have their own National Cricket Team [ though they did briefly put out a side between 2002-2004 in some 50 over competition beating England once over 3 games ] and that Welsh players have indeed represented England in the past - yet while we have cricket teams in Wales only one , Glamorgan has been invited to take part in an elite 18 team County Championship which it joined in 1921 and that it won on 3 occasions , the last time being 1997 . During this time over a dozen Glamorgan players have represented England .

Scotland and Ireland are represented nationally in the world of cricket yet Wales it seems are held back .and the most shocking news is.....it's not England's fault !! :grin:

When Plaid Cymru representative , Bethan Sayed questioned the Senedd as to why there isn't a Wales Cricket Team , Minister , Eluned Morgan replied -

“The reduction of funding would undoubtedly have a significant negative impact on both the professional and recreational game in Wales. Both Cricket Wales and Glamorgan County Cricket Club are of the view that the establishment of a Welsh cricket team would not be of long-term benefit for the growth of the game in Wales,” .....and yet we have two Cricket Leagues in Wales , one in the North , one in the South containing 12 teams each . I would have thought that having a National Team would only go to further promote Welsh cricket rather than having a negative effect but what do I know ?

With Scotland beating the West Indies the other day it got me thinking....if the name of Welsh cricket is to be blackened alongside that of England maybe Glamorgan should be kicked out of the English County Championship league , they're pretty crap anyway , then the argument of funding wouldn't exist and Wales could have its very own bone fide National Team and we could be properly elitist and sexist together instead of in some minor league that nobody follows ?

Afghanistan , Ireland and Zimbabwe have all been accepted as members of the ICC - I believe there are 12 in all , amongst them the West Indies who Scotland beat recently - it would be nice if Wales could at least have its own National side and possibly grow to become a member of that elite club whereby we compete in a World Cup , tour Pakistan and Afghanistan [ well , maybe not Afghanistan ] and be on the telly against Australia occasionally . I won't hold my breath .
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