Love hurts

  • by Matthew O'Greel
  • Tuesday, 7th August 2007

Eggert Magnusson has admitted that he has been 'hurt' by the way West Ham have been portrayed in the media since the row over Carlos Tevez erupted.

Magnusson, talking to the Guardian today admitted that he had been upset by the poisonous media campaign spearheaded in recent months by the likes of the Daily Mail.

"It does hurt me because the club has been dragged into this in a negative way," he said. "West Ham has been dragged down and I don't think this is correct.

"I was never concerned that the ruling would go against us. In this affair it has often been forgotten that the player was always registered with West Ham. There was so much said that was never correct.

"This hurts me most, because what a few people decide should not be a burden to the whole club."

Yet despite the very public problems faced by the club last season, Magnusson - who is set to release a full statement regarding the Tevez situation later this week - admitted that he was still enjoying his time in East London.

"I like to be busy," he added. "This is why I am always so upbeat at West Ham. Every morning I wake up there is a tough new challenge.

"Even these last few months, where there has been so much pain with the Tevez saga, there have been moments of joy. It has been a great time."

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