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  • by Staff Writer
  • Wednesday, 23rd September 2009

Gianfranco Zola reflects on a Carling Cup exit at Bolton ...

It was a long night and also a disappointing night. It was an unexpected defeat. I didn't expect that, to be honest, because the way things were going on the pitch, I was waiting for the second goal to come at any moment. It was very disappointing.

[Finishing not good enough?] Well, that was one of the reasons we lost. When you build up so many opportunities, you need to obviously do better. That was it, really. When you play teams like them, you can expect in the last minute that a corner-kick can always produce something. That was a problem.

On the other hand, we defended corner-kicks and free-kicks so well the whole evening, so I wasn't expecting that. There are moments in the game when you have to raise your attention a little more and deal with those situations better.

We wanted to stay in and progress in the competition, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Never mind. We are going to make up for it in the next game.

It's not a great moment for us, obviously, but we're playing good football and that is encouraging, so we just need to improve a few things. At least we are producing some good football.

We came here to play our game and it was evident in the way we played. I don't remember a game where we created so many opportunities. That was it, really. We just need to be a little bit more precise and we will do better.

We came here to play an open game and it's been an open game, it's as simple as that.

Diamanti has done well. He is dangerous and, of course, he helps the team. It's just a moment when things aren't going our way, but if we keep a good attitude and try to raise our attention a bit more, we'll turn it round.

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