Brady: don't blame me

  • by Staff Writer
  • Saturday, 15th January 2011

Vice chairman Karren Brady insists that any decision to fire Avram Grant has nothing to do with her.

West Ham United's vice chairman went on the defensive after Avram Grant accused Brady of using her weekly column in The Sun to influence matters at the club.

Speaking after last weekend's defeat of Barnsley in reply to a question regarding the decision to pull out of the deal to sign Steve Sidwell - something that Brady had commented on earlier that day - Grant retorted cheekily: "Read my newspaper column next week and perhaps I will have my say."

But Brady has hit back today, insisting that despite her lofty position she has nothing to do with decisions regarding the team or the manager.

Speaking via her column in The Sun this morning, she said: "Despite recent criticism, never in 17 years have I tried to interfere with management or the running of the teams. I don't score that kind of OG. But I do believe in airing an opinion.

"The more I'm involved in controversial decisions, the more I get the she's-only-a-meddling-woman treatment. If only I had meat and two veg it might be different. "

Whilst Brady may cite misogyny as the reason for her current unpopularity, it would appear that other decisions - such as constantly commenting on the team's poor performances via her newspaper column and rescinding season ticket privileges from the likes of the Lyall family and the club's chaplain - are rather more likely to be the root cause.

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