New poll rejects OS move

  • by Staff Writer
  • Monday, 14th May 2012

A poll of West Ham United supporters by campaign group WHU's View? has resulted in overwhelming opposition to the club's plans to move to Stratford.

The poll, conducted by the group at the April home matches against Birmingham, Brighton and Hull saw 87 per cent vote aganst the club's plans to move to the Olympic Stadium, with just 13 per cent voting in favour.

The group, who are campaigning for a poll of supporters prior to the club committing to a move to Stratford said: "In order that supporters would have an opportunity to show their views for or against the proposed move to the Olympic Stadium, WHU’s View? carried out our own poll.

"WHU’s View? are aware of the concern of many West Ham supporters that the club’s recent comments in the media with regard to the level of support for the proposed move, have been made without full consultation and as such may misrepresent the views of the majority fans."

The figures are in stark contrast to figures suggested by David Gold on LBC recently, when he claimed that the Board's plans were supporters by 70 per cent of supporters.

The latest poll - conducted in February of this year - resulted in 60 per cent of supporters voting against the move to Stratford, with a further 17 per cent stating they were 'unsure'.

Just 22 per cent backed the move on that occasion.

* Download a copy of WHU's View's Poll Report here.

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