Season ticket row: common sense prevails

  • by Staff Writer
  • Wednesday, 30th May 2012

West Ham United have written to long-term season ticket holders to confirm that they ARE entitled to an immediate 20 per cent discount.

Last week revealed how a number of loyal supporters had been angered by the club's decision not to award them the discount promised to those who had held a season ticket for five consecutive seasons leading up to the forthcoming campaign.

However the club have today contacted supporters who wrote to them to complain in order to confirm that they WILL be able to claim the full 20 per cent discount off next year's season ticket - instead of the five per cent over the next four years that was previously offered.

In the letter, received by a number of fans this morning, the club refuted suggestions that they had acted improperly by refusing to confirm whether or not the full 20 per cent discount would be available this season.

"We reiterate our previous belief that the club has acted in a transparent way and has not refused to honour the 20 per cent discount," it stated. "We have made an offer to pay this amount over a period of time - a solution which would significantly strengthen the club's current position as we enter the Premier League.

"We acknowledge that this may not be economically possible for every supporter and if you feel you require the ability to receive the full 20% in 2012/13 then please call the ticket officeto discuss and action with a member of our team."

The club's also refuted allegations that they had been aware of the promise of a discount made by the previous administration in 2009.

"For clarity, there is some suggestion that the club has been aware of this offer for some time - this is categorically not the case," the letter stated. "This issue was not declared to the current owners as a liability in the course of the sale agreement in January 2010."

Those supporters who are entitled to the 20 per cent discount and who have already paid the full rate for their 2012/13 season tickets are also advised to contact the ticket office should they wish to claim a part refund.

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