The opposition view: Manchester City

  • by Staff Writer
  • Sunday, 24th January 2016

Most City fans were reasonably happy with a point it seemed - if less than enamoured by current managerial incumbent Manuel Pellegrini.

Read what they had to say following City's 2-2 draw with United at the Boleyn yesterday afternoon below...

I was looking forward to this game in the days building up to it. City have been looking like "we're about to build some momentum, we're seeing clean sheets and we're through the worst of this season's injury devastation. So yeah, I was looking forward to it from a very logical perspective. Then I saw the line up. Immediately I just thought, "Fuck it, Xenon. don't complain. Just enjoy the ride." And I did. I remained optimistic. Fucking 50 seconds! I don't think I've ever laughed at City's defence like I did as Jelovic and Antonius (or whatever the fuck their names are) consistently showed more threat than our world class attackers. After we conceded that goal from a throw in, something may have broke inside me, because I really never thought I'd laugh at our disadvantages. but it was so ridiculous that we weren't behind! How did we get a point out of that game? The stars must have aligned, or we were touched by a guardian angel or something. Hell, we may just win the league with this kind of rub of the green. Enough jokes though, the fact of the matter was that I was embarrassed. Weird... weird game."
- xenon_

"West Ham are a good side, but they're not Barca or Bayern. That central midfield of ours does not compare with either of the latter when we don't have the ball. We got a point yeaterday, Kun could easily have won the game for us but we nearly lost because Pellers doesn't devote enough attention to how we play without the ball. We may still win the title (I think we will) but we are in a scrap we should be clear of and we don't compare with the "big three" of European football."
- BluessinceHydeRoad

"I'm not grumbling at the point. West Ham are a good side and played very well yesterday. A point when they are in that form is OK. I don't even agree with most of the player criticism, it's just that wretched second goal. It's killed me. We concede too many of these soft, dozy arsed goals. It's becoming the signature tune of Peller's reign. At Villa in his first season we were undone by a long hopeful punt upfield and two seasons later it's a throw in. No team at this level or any fucking level should be undone like that. No more. Enough is enough."
- BobKowalski

"One point more than I expected, I wasn't surprised one bit when they went up and scored right from kick-off. West Ham are really fucking good this season and their play style is poison to us - heavy pressing, a packed midfield and wingers with fast dribbling always kills us, so I'm happy with a point. Teams like West Ham, Everton, Liverpool and Stoke always fight their ass off against us because they know as long as they play like a team they can take at least a point off us, we very rarely play like a team and seem to follow Real Madrid's example of hoping our players' individual quality pull us through instead of looking at Barca who have top players and play like a well-oiled machine."
- MasterOfKnees

"On reflection I didn't think it was that good a game. Neither side played particularly fluidly or well. The entertainment for the neutral was delivered through both sides' weaknesses and inadequacies. None of the goals were really especially memorable and came about mainly through bad defending and mistakes. The most memorable thing for me was Joe's save against Payet. The only outstanding player, and I do say this with Sergio in mind. was Payet. I thought he was absolutely outstanding in the very early part of the season before he came to the Etihad, he is one player we would do well to track. All in all, a point at West Ham and being within three of the top of the league at this stage of the season is great, provided we are no worse off after next weekend. Hopefully we will be in an even better position after visiting Sunderland."
- BigJoe#1

"These performances aren't going to change for the rest of the season. Watching this team this season is more frustrating that watching us under Pearce. At least back then we all knew we were shite. This squad is comfortably the best in the league and we're fucking up a very easy title win given the way the league is this year. When you're watching ?50million players perform like dogshit you have the right to be offended by it. It's awful. Though I don't fully blame the player. Our system hasn't actually changed since Mancini. We need Nasri back and we need to play two up front. This system cripples Sterling and de Bruyne because Pellegrini can't actually change the way we play. We may as well let Txiki manage the club."
- brian the blue

"Just got back. A great day slightly ruined by our clueless manager not for the first time this season. A point is good given the performance but we need to win games like that. Everybody around me to a man was moaning at the manager, I wish we'd sack him now so we don't have to endure another few months of this crap. Nice to see nobody but the usual few come over to the away fans yet again. Captain Yaya and Otamendi are always first down the tunnel like they're desperate for a piss. I had a nice chat with a bunch of Hammers in the chicken shop after the game, good bunch of down to earth guys that with respect don't get above their station. They asked what was going on with us this season; my and a few others response was simply "we've got Pellegrini as manager". At first they were a little surprised to hear that then as I talked more they fully understood and likened it to to Fat Sam's reign at West Ham. which i thought was actually a very good comparison. He does enough to be satisfactory without getting the most out of the team and there's plenty out there that can do better."
- ninjamonkey

"We started with the wrong personnel and never recovered from the moment Manuel decided on the team sheet. WHU are no mugs and we showed them no respect today by going there with an all-out-attack team formation. Time after time Yaya didn't track his runner which led to the first goal and almost led to a second. Last week at home Manuel picked a proper midfield two and we dealt with Crystal Palace without playing spectacularly, but away to WHU he picks a less solid formation with Yaya as one of the two?
I'm pissed off with what I saw today because if I was only seeing these two teams for the first time, there's no way I'd have been able to tell which side was supposed to be the better, more expensively assembled unit. WHU looked every bit as good as we did and played better. Finally, some bastard needs to kidnap that fucking Payet and negotiate his release to play for us next August, he was tearing us apart at will."
- Dribble

"Wow, we finally got a penalty. Their first goal was a bit lucky. I'm sure our minds were still in the dressing room and we were pussy-footing around trying to get out of our half, but their cross got a deflection off one of our defenders right to Valencia's foot. But their second goal was inexcusable. Our defenders seemed to be thinking, "West Ham are a nice team, they'll let us get back into position before they take the throw-in. Oh shit they've taken it and scored!" We hit the post twice, but Joe made a super save from Payet's free kick and they hit the bar. So I suppose a draw was fair overall but once again we were poor in many positions. Kun was unlucky with that chip just before the penalty and didn't connect properly just before the final whistle - at least he is trying."
- Bluekiwi

"Not many distinctly average teams can claim to be in a title race, last 16 of the Chumps L eague, the semi finals of the League Cup and with a good chance of making the 5th round of the FA Cup. We are handily placed to win the lot. I'm not interested in the "with the money we've spent we should be doing better argument". I went down to Upton Park yesterday and saw a battle - thats how it is these days in the Prem away from home. Teams are not gonna roll over, they will get in our faces, dive, have the games of their lives... West Ham badly wanted to win that game, they want to be top four in their new ground next year and kick on as serious Premier League title contenders over the next few years. It's to be expected that they would fight tooth and nail on their own ground, to ensure they held their heads high at the end. The by-product of this is that our players were not afforded the space and time on the ball as they didn't fancy being destroyed on their own ground, hence a good battle commenced. It was a good game, i enjoyed it and I'm happy with a point. I see no reason to sack the manager or shout abuse at my team. The players, to a man, got stuck in and tried their best. They made some mistakes, yes, but they are not robots. I really enjoyed the day and I'm glad i made the effort to travel down. Well played City."
- dennishasdoneit

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