Fans react to Tory donation revelation

  • by Staff Writer
  • Friday, 27th May 2016

West Ham supporters have been reacting to the news that club funds have been used to finance a ?12,500 donation to the Conservative Party.

Overnight revealed how West Ham United FC donated the sizeable sum to the political party, whom the club's vice-chair Karren Brady represents in the House of Lords.

And almost overwhelmingly, supporters have since reacted with both surprise and disbelief at the decision to hand over the sum at such a sensitive stage in the club's move to Stratford. reached out to West Ham for a response, but the club refused to comment further. Instead, here's a selection of views posted via the KUMB Forum this morning...

"If the owners, or anyone else for that matter, wish to support any political party from their own pockets, that's fair enough, but to engage West Ham United in a political affiliation is just plain WRONG. I've always been a big supporter of the owners and Brady for the fantastic work that they've done, but this is a seriously misjudged action, and they've comprehensively pissed on their chips with this. Outrageous."
- Tommy Taylor's Jockstrap

"Many businesses make political donations , the issue here of course is whether you believe West Ham United to be a business or a club. I believe our club should not be making political donations, not least of which is because the shareholders continually bore us with how skint the club is. Surely therefore there is a better use for that money. Henceforth I shall not buy a single West Ham United-branded product and have sent a letter to David Sullivan informing him of this donation being the specific reason why I won't be."
- the pink palermo

"Our club's owners giving funds, which are partly made up of money we gave them, to a party whose policies we don't all agree with, is wrong. We don't hand over money in the knowledge they will give it to the Tories or any other political party because it will associate us all with that party."
- taffhammer

"It is a relative small sum compared to the club's turnover and Conservative party donations. Which is what makes it really strange to me. How can any perceived benefit outweigh the negative feeling it's likely to generate? (I'm trying to think of a reasonable explanation. If local MPs for East Ham or Stratford were Conservative, it might makes sense about supporting their commitments to the future development of those places, but they're not.)"
- neil_d

"It seems fairly tone-deaf to have done this given the endless carping about the Olympic Stadium currently going on. I'm stunned it was signed off. If Brady or whoever it was wanted or needed to donate, surely they could have found a way to do it off the books?"
- Aceface

"I don't really see what the big deal is. ?12.5k is a tiny amount of money so there can be no accusation of a bribe for the OS. WHU is also a private business, not your MP, they don't need to consult you on what to do with their money to see how you feel about it. The owners obviously feel it is in the club's interest for the Conservatives to be in power."
- Logarithm

"A stupid thing to do because straight away it blows away your impartiality. Whether there's anything to them or not, you're open to all manner of accusations - a bit like all these Bilderberg Group people and European Commission funded organisations badmouthing Brexit. Who knows whether they're telling the truth or not as they've blown their impartiality and aren't trusted. Impartiality doesn't cost anything but is expensive to lose..."
- Iron-worx

"Perception is the key. This donation is at best stupid; rightly or wrongly people will make all kinds of assumptions and it won't do our club any good at all."

"Good. Get it out in the open. We know it's going on and nobody will be able to bury their head in the sand about the political motivations of those running our club. Hoping for heads to roll is a bit optimistic, but maybe it will make them think twice about flaunting our Tory connections in the future if a big enough stink comes from this."
- Beavis Danzig

"I'm not comfortable with it, but in the end WHU are a private business. It's just the thought of the promise being made twixt Brady and Johnson over a few cocktails, the donation being to sweeten the deal, though that would have to have been some time ago."
- vietnammer

"This represents shockingly poor judgement with the ongoing political pressure we are under through the Olympic Stadium. Whatever your political views - football clubs should stay clear."
- hammer1975

"Why the club donated that money is a matter for them. They will know why and that's all that counts. It's none of our business why the club makes the decisions it does. You and me have no say in the way the club is run. If you don't like it, the option is very simple. Put up or shut up. You're not a stakeholder, you're a customer - and there are thousands waiting to take your place if you don't fancy it."
- RichieRiv

"We are constantly being told what astute business people Sullivan, Gold and Brady are. So how can they be so naive as to let this donation happen? It's totally wrong for any club to give a donation of any kind to a political party and what makes it worse, it happened whilst the stadium hearings were occurring, FFS. West Ham truly are the gift that keeps giving for all the haters we now have, thanks to the obvious media bias against us. Oh for the good old days of brown paper bags!"
- Oldammer

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