The opposition view: Crystal Palace

  • by Staff Writer
  • Sunday, 15th January 2017

Ex-Hammer Pardew sacked, ex-Hammer Allardyce hired - but has it made a difference? Read the views of Glaziers fans in this week's OV...

"I thought Palace shaded the first half yesterday. At 0-0, I would have put money on that being the final score. Neither team looked convincing. Then we imploded. The first goal was aided and abetted by Hennessy's decision to come out too far. Great finish from Carroll for the second. I bet he scores them in training all the time. And that's what it looked like - from the training ground, because there was no pressure on Antonio, he had the time and space to look up and pick Carroll out, and there was nobody even making it hard for Carroll to get to the ball. The third was a result of pushing forward. Tidy finish to be fair although again I think some may criticise the goalkeeping. A standard performance this season. Not a million miles away from getting a result for large parts of the game but ultimately pulling up short. No visible leadership on the pitch, a lack of physical presence in midfield and a £30m striker that can't hold the ball up - that's how it's been all season."
- Neillo

"Hennessy should never have rushed out for the first goal. Carroll's second was a blinder that no defence could cater for. I didn't see the third as I had left the stadium by then.
And by the way, the route back to Stratford station was a joke, winding enormous circles while the station receded from view. Plus by the time we reached the station, the Spammer fans who had waited for full time were arriving too. AND the stadium announcer never gave out the Palace team - only the Spammers'. AND the replay screen only showed Spammer goal-mouth action, not ours. The Tomkins miss looked dreadful from about 200 yards away."
- peterg

"We were doing ok and could and should have been at least one up at HT. Another Hennessy howler and we are chasing the game, great strike for the second and it was game over. Hennessy caught in no man's land again and it looks like we got a hiding. Nothing has really changed since Pardew left, still no left back, still no right back, still no service to Benteke. We are where we are, we have two weeks to get players in to fill our weakest positions and get players out who don't fit. We are desperate for a win and it shows."
- Elpis

"Yes it was a wonder goal made easier for Carroll due to a lot of inept defending. However, he should have been sent off for that awful and late challenge on Ward in the first half. And as for the first goal, don't get me started on Hennessey. What on earth was he doing right out there? How he is an international along with Townsend, when Wilf has to go to Africa to be recognised, is beyond me."
- Steve T

"Carroll pulled onto the back stick as a lot of big strikers do because they are generally taller than full backs. If a centre half had gone with him and left a massive hole in the middle, what would have been said then? Thing is, the ball was behind him so anyone goal side wouldn't have got to the ball anyway. Like Giroud and Wilf, he actually turned a pretty poor cross into a thing of beauty. Goal of the season will all be goals against us at this rate."
- Dangermouse

"Well it took a while for Sam to turn it round at Sunderland but he did. Fans don't seem to realise what a mess we're in. We went through the second half of last season only winning two league games and started this season with our defence in total disarray. This is Pardew's legacy I'm afraid. Today's result and performance was disheartening but was it really any better under Pardew? Also apportion some blame to the lame pricks on the pitch."
- fed up eagle

"Pardew spent a year destroying our team and it's not going to be fixed in less than a month. Allardyce needs the rest of this window and the whole of February to make a dent in Pardew's mess. If we're not seeing green shoots by then, it's probably reasonable to be very worried. If anyone is to blame, other than Pardew, it's the board for allowing it to go on beyond May; like many on here they were goggle-eyed at a Wembley final which, in the great scheme of things, means jack shit unless you actually bring home some silverware and, in the event, just served to tissue paper over some massive cracks."
- bexleydave

"The Cup run was great and always a good thing to have - BUT WE LOST! During that run we gained 11 points from 19 games in the League - worse than the first 19 games of this season! Without the Cup run Pardew would have been sacked - he should have been anyway. The mess he has left is terminal and we are relegation candidates - and rightly so.
BFS must be wondering what has hit him but he is a fighter and you never know - if we survive this time it will be a greater escape than under Pulis because now we have very little backbone to the team with a distinct lack of fight and spirit - something we had in abundance back then. Bloody Pardew - how could anyone ever believe that he should come back!"
- The Dolphin

"After an encouraging first half it all fell apart in the second. Sound familiar! What did we learn - Tomkins is not a full back, Puncheon and Ward are just not up to it but I guess most of us knew that. Why wasn't Schlupp in the starting line-up, he can play at left back! Would it be a crime if we played Remy and Benteke up front - together? I would take the captaincy off Dann too, his form has plummeted since Pardew gave it to him, give it to MacArthur. I don't blame SA, I know he's trying to instill some spine in this team, and he has a massive job ahead if we are to avoid going down. Unfortunately he has inherited a squad with no confidence, no mental toughness and questionable talent."
- Texas Eagle

"No fight. No passion. Not one player went over to stick up for Ward when Carroll took him out. I walked out when Carroll scored that lovely goal. If the players aren't going to fight then why am I staying in that shit-hole in the freezing cold. Disgusting. Had the West Ham fans goading us. Horrible day. Then the rigmarole of getting out of the ground."
- Brentmiester_General

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