The opposition view: Southampton

  • by Staff Writer
  • Sunday, 5th February 2017

The Saints were not so much marching in as sloping off dejectedly after slumping to a 3-1 defeat at the hands of Slaven's happy Hammers.

Read what the fans thought about their side's performance - and West Ham's - in this week's instalment of the OV...

"Not a good display, with only Gabbiadini a positive. I do not blame the players for this however. Puel and Black are to blame for not getting the best out of a largely gifted group of players - the coaching and method is just not good enough and they are dragging us down. I also hold Reed accountable for allowing the CB situation to have developed into a shambles - Stephens and Yoshida as a pairing provide us with almost L1 levels of ineptitude. If we win the cup it will be a miracle. Something significant needs to change to ensure we're not dragged into a relegation tussle... six defeats in seven should be a clear indication that the management of the team is not up to the job."
- Saint Fan CaM

"What is really killing us is the management's obsession with playing deep and keeping possession for the sake of it, not pressing and having a slow tempo. Yesterday Rodriguez showed the way with a superb early chip over the top that put Gabbiadini clear for his superb goal. Stephens lost Carrol for the first goal, the whole team after clearing the corner just stood inside the area, nobody came out to press the ball and allowed the shot for the goal. Davis, not for the first time waved his foot at the ball and gave Forster no chance for the third. Forster was expecting Carroll to go across him but Carroll finished with his swinger just inside the near post, for the second it looked like with all the bodies in front of him he didn't see the ball until the last second. At the time I thought he was absolutely useless but on reflection he had little chance with at least two."
- derry

"I actually find it impossible to find the words to adequately describe how angry I am that we have blundered our way into this ridiculous position. I cannot believe we sold Jose Fonte with no replacement in place (after being told that we would not sell him without a replacement being in place). That was monumentally stupid enough in its own right. But to then not get a replacement in after losing VVD just defies belief."
- stknowle

"I was at the game today. I've been a great supporter of Yosh (and still am). Not my first choice for CD until a couple of weeks ago, but I've always thought of him as a really dependable squad member. Sadly he was at severe fault for their equaliser - failing to intercept the through ball to Carroll - this was right in front of us. He was absolutely distraught, and sadly, after that I think he lost what confidence he had, and the back four looked dismal. Sadly our current back four, or more specifically the two CB's are deffo not up to standard. Somebody suggested playing three CB's, with two wing backs Bertrand and Cedric for the Sunderland game. I'd certainly give this a go."
- dellboypete

"So is it permissible to use the R word now? Before anybody asks yes, I was there; 'Yes' I stayed 'til the end. Bit of bother in the Itchen at the end just under the director's box, a few fans given it to Les Reed and a few stewards trying to stop them. Kat was there as well so she knows the mood music now if she didn't before. The natives are getting restless and who can blame them. It won't be Reed's fault 'though will it?"
- Charlie Wayman

"Whatever the issues were, it should have been, 'Ok Jose you can go but only after we have signed someone to replace you'. Totally fecking ridiculous and compounded by hearing his song sung LOUDLY by the West Ham fans today."
- stknowle

"Did West Ham's second goal take a deflection? I couldn't see it clearly from the Itchen North. If so, that was two lucky deflections and a defensive gift. On the whole West Ham were very average. The timing of their goals made a difference - first in equalising so quickly and then getting a second on the stroke of half time. We really needed to hold onto our lead and grow into the game as our confidence is so fragile. The game was lost in midfield. Romeu urgently needs help. Stephens' lack of pace was exposed several times, especially for the foul that led to their second. "
- shurlock

"I don't rate Puel. We are regressing into a collection of individuals just aimlessly playing the ball sideways and backwards upping the possession statistics. 70% possession and losing as we have done many times is ridiculous. Chasing the game today, two goals down with ten minutes to go, we managed to play multiple passes in our own half, give away a succession of ridiculous, impetuous fouls and hit a number of speculative shots into the back of the Chapel, demonstrating no plan, thought or composure. Forster looks like a man that has lost his way and knows it. Puel's low tempo, non pressing, slow own half possession is just neutering the forwards."
- derry

"There have been games this season that I have been hugely unimpressed with our tactics and style of play. The sideways passing takes any life out of the game. However, I really don't believe that is why we lost today. I feel people are reacting more to the result than the performance. West Ham were not particularly good today - I certainly didn't see them "bullying" us in a more professional display until the last 20 minutes when they sat back on a two goal lead and we were tiring - just as Swansea weren't that good on Tuesday, but they were both able to score against us without working especially hard for it. This isn't because our tactics allowed them to cut us open at will, but rather because we have a handful of weak links in the team that cannot be depended on for 90 minutes. Had Forster been in goal for West Ham, at least two of our shots would have gone in."
- mrfahaji

"There was one positive from today. Did you all get the code for 50% off Dominos that was on the hoardings? Result!"
- wessex saint

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