The opposition view: Swansea City

  • by Staff Writer
  • Monday, 10th April 2017

It's been a while! The OV returns after a lengthy hiatus to revel in the misery of our friends from South Wales...

"Glorious sunshine, a ground that is not a football shape but smartest facilities. The view from the upper tier is akin to needing binoculars due to the distance from the pitch whereas the lower tier is a better viewing experience. However the game was not one of the best experiences with two poor teams on display. Our lot seemed to be going through the motions of an end of season game. The Hammers were not good enough to take full advantage. Their goal came from a run from the halfway line and our midfielders parting of the waves to allow the shot to nestle in the back of the net. Where do we go from here? The Championship where we will struggle."
- azzuriswan

"One shot on target. We got what we deserved."
- Borini

"One of the aspects of Clement's early wins was the fact that we were scoring goals but these have dried up. Kouyate took his one and only chance from a postion we'd shy away from and try to walk it into the net. Take a chance, get a deflection, you never know; that isn't the message being given out by Clement. What with that fucking ginger twat Collins popping up everywhere and practically every block near dead ball line coming off their defender for a throw in rather than a corner, I'm not too surprise it never turned out to be our day. The fact is we only have six more occasions for it to be our day. We are going down and West Ham wanted it more."
- megamoan

"Paul Clement. After a decent start..... not the manager I hoped he would be. Yes, I know squad ain't great but we have not approached recent winnable matches in the manner I had hoped for. Poor tactics and team selection. And then when ahead in a match I didn't expect to win, his subs, predictably fcuk it up. He is not the messiah."
- Pokerface

"We were undone by a deflection falling into Alli's path for an open goal on Wednesday. We protected the lead for the best part of 80 minutes. We were unlucky. Today, we were terrible. No urgency, no commitment, aside from make my attacking substitutions, it looked like we just happily cruised to a 1-0 defeat."
- jack247

"You could amalgamate Sir Alf Ramsey, Jock Stein, Bill Shankley, Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho into one and take all of their best attributes and ask them to do well with this squad. And he would fail. Our Club could be going down the pan almost before our very eyes. Why? Greed. No more no less. We are a Portsmouth waiting to happen but don't blame any of our managers. They've all worked very hard with the hand they were dealt with and include Bradley in that. Curtis will tell you how had that man worked to make our team successful. Sad isn't it. All in the name of greed. And at a Club that had seen it all before. Who would have thought it eh?"
- swancity

"I'm normally quite defensive of the team. I'm finding it hard tonight. That game was a 'who wants it least' competition. Most PL teams would have beaten an insipid West Ham comfortably. West Ham were one of the worst teams I've seen for a while. I could see why they had lost five in a row. It was almost a 'who wants it least' competition in the first half. Not sure if we were knackered or mentally drained after Wednesday, but everyone played midweek. We just didn't turn up yesterday. Embarrassing performance. We aren't going to stay up playing like that, no matter what happens to Hull and Palace."
- jack247

"I have not enjoyed going to away matches we've sold out this year. Our away following isn't big enough to have passionate fans who want to get loud and support the boys, so when we sell out it's just people who see it as a nice day out. I am sick of being told to sit down, where's the spirit? Too many fans using away games as a 'day out' rather than to get behind the boys in what could be our last few Premier League matches."
- IeuanIvett98

"A huge opportunity against an injury-ravaged West Ham and we ambled our way to a half-pace defeat. Clement does deserve credit for putting the wingers and Llorente on, but the midfield provided no worthwhile supply. Unfortunately Siggy, who has been so good for us, was as guilty as anybody. We look like relegation fodder."
- AnotherJohn

"The writing was on the wall early on in the game. When you see a man with the ball and he can't find anyone to pass it to then you know that at least half the team are in hiding. A bunch of yellow bellies who didn't want to get involved and a captain who couldn't captain a boy scout group... What did we expect. It's been good while it lasted, but we're utterly doomed for the drop with this bunch, both on and off the field!"
- bluenile

"Every other team has made James Collins look like he should have retired at the end of last season, we made him look like a transfer target for Bayern Munich."
- Sospan_Fach

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