The opposition view: Manchester City

  • by Staff Writer
  • Monday, 4th December 2017

A sense of entitlement is strong in the new breed of Man City fan, who seem far removed from those who applauded West Ham's supporters following their relegation back in 1987. Welcome to this week's edition of the OV...

"Anyone feel like what we really need is a big game where we're not expected to win about 6-0? The last one was probably Napoli away, where we were brilliant, but is it a coincidence that our form has deteriorated during this run of 'easy' games? It's got to be harder to be really up for it every game, and when teams park the bus, it just seems like the combination leads to some sloppy play. Fortunately, we've still managed to get the results."
- NorCalBlue

"Never mind leaving early - I am beginning to think I should only bother to start watching us at the 80th minute and beyond. What a superb winning goal by the Magician. Another three points. I am so very happy."
- wagonman

"Another game where we have dominated possession and finally won three points we deserved. If I lined up ten targets on the goal line and asked people to shoot and miss the target most wouldn't be able to do it unless a target was removed. That is what we are up against. We have to keep moving the ball and shift one of those targets so that we have a greater chance of scoring which is what we are doing. When West Ham attacked they only did so with three so even when they lost the ball they still had plenty of defenders left. An early goal or two would change the game as the opposition then have to either come out and play and effectively admit they are beaten before half time. And if the ref books the opposition keeper early for time wasting we don't then see every goal kick taking 30 seconds."
- Eds

"First half, very poor. Second half, very good. Too slow first half, poor passing and another sloppy goal. We look dodgy as fuck from corners since Stones got injured. Good half time sub. Jesus made the difference as Aguero poor and De Bruyne was finally able to influence. Think Pep instructed the players to take more shots. A beautiful ball and finish for the second. I though for most of the game Mangala was ok but last ten mins he was poor and almost cost us."
- Millwallawayveteran1988

"Last season, these were the sorts of games we were drawing. This season we are winning them. There has been a sea change in the attitude and just the general feel around the place. A year ago, sitting there at 1-1 you felt that it was going to end that way. Now, you can just sense it around the stadium - the players, the fans they all know that a winner is coming. Hopefully that puts the infamous 'fear factor' into the opposition so that they know that, even if they work their socks off, they're not going to get anything."
- Gremlin

"West Ham deserved a point there. Shoddy as a shoddy thing. We've been well found out. Pep needs to find a solution. Kun is totally isolated. Practice the near post corners is my advice. As to next week, play like and we will get hammered..."
- BlueAnorak

"He [Delph] went over a swinging leg and never once looked for the foul. What helped us what that Mike Dean was running in behind the play to watch his run and from Dean's view that swinging leg got him. It missed by about four inches, but I have absolutely no problem with our back up left back (with limited cover) getting out of the way of it! Also, I wonder if we would have got the penalty if Silva had no connected so well for the goal? Doubt it!"
- ChicagoBlue

"Some fans of other clubs on a forum over here complaining that Fab dived to win the free kick that ultimately led to the equaliser. I haven't seen so much straw clutching since Worzel Gummidge was caught having a wank over a picture of Aunt Sally. Sorry; Aunt Thally!"
- jimharri

"I definitely think long term Pep is going to have to change something against the parked bus. Maybe start two strikers from the start, I don't know. The concern for me is that in the last 3 leagues games against Huddersfield, Southampton and West Ham we have accumulated 64 shots of which 25 were in target and only 6 went in. That needs to improve; 6 goals from 64 shots isn't good enough."
- cadds92

"I dedicate this win to those who contributed to the Derby pre match thread and predicted we'd batter WHU, by 4, 5, or 6-0. There are more points to be won this season than we currently have. So please stop counting your fuckin chickens and underestimating every team we come up against! In terms of the match, a deserved, if hard fought victory, and one which shows we're far from being the dominant, finished article, some block heads think we are..."
- Dribble

"Just been reading the West Ham forum, Knees up Mother Brown. What a bunch of southern tw*ts. Banging on about oil money spent. I wonder if when they play someone like Burnley they expect to have comparisons made about money spent?"
- Gingers Dad

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