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The opposition view: Southampton

Filed: Monday, 2nd April 2018
By: Staff Writer

Fans fighting each other in the midst of a 3-0 defeat at the Olympic Stadium? But not ours for a change! Join us as we take a look at the very best - and worst - of the Southampton forums' response to Saturday resounding defeat in the latest edition of the OV...

"There was a very heated argument between a bloke and a women in front of me just before half time, it continued at the start of second half until they were told to shut up. The women was basically having a go because the bloke was slagging off the players. Whether this continued at the end I donít know, but it wouldnít surprise me if it did. Lowest of the low if he did smack her, but fuck me she was annoying. Emotions were running quite high, but some fuck wits were actually clapping the players at the end."
- Lord Duckhunter

"It's the only time I have ever left an away game before the end. I left after half an hour and went to the pub. With hindsight it was absolutely the correct decision. I'd been looking forward to the game all week but to display that level of ineptitude was the final straw. We went for an early beer before half time and quickly realised that we had no enthusiasm to return. I enjoyed myself at the pub far more than I ever would have at the game and I've watched too many games this year to know there was no chance that we would do anything. It sounds like I didn't miss anything at all."
- hypochondriac

"I stayed till the final whistle. Shane Long came over and gave his shirt, Ryan Bertrand came over, began shaking his head towards us fans and showed his disappointment then went in. Cedric walks over with his mate's West Ham top on, after giving in one of his most shittest performances. That crap was the worst I have seen in front of my eyes, having what has basically condemned us to Championship football next season. These are players just so shot in confidence playing against a team who was up for it."
- nta786

"Last week WHU seemed as desperate, hammered at home and the fans baying for blood. They responded with guts and determination and dare I say it, pride in the shirt. Our players' response to a new manager was total apathy until we were 3-0 down. Something is very wrong right now. At no point this season have we played well for 3-4 consecutive games, which we need to do to have any chance of survival. Looking at the table we still have a theoretical chance but the spirit and motivation just aren't there. If MH turns this around he deserves all credit."
- kyle04

"Hughes is going to persist with these tactics because the previous ones weren't working. If that's the case, he needs to have much clearer thinking. For a safety-first, hoof ball approach to work he needs to drill players, ensure those selected know their roles and have midfielders that work their socks off in both directions. Does Tadic really fit that mould? Personally I think Hughes' tactic it is doomed to fail because if you are not controlling the game you are inviting pressure and our back four are simply not good enough to rely on to keep a clean sheet. What I saw yesterday made my eyes bleed and I am not sure I can watch that again."
- Chez

"West Ham started well as they did in their previous matches only this time they scored and they were playing a team that couldn't defend or even get a shot on target, so a much better outcome for them. As for Hughes' chances of turning us round, how with these players ? If MP was in charge for this match he would be taking the blame, it's difficult to see what can change to prevent an embarrassing end to to what looks to be our last season in the Prem for a while."
- East Kent Saint

"Iíve seen some shite performances this season but the first half today took top the biscuit. Utterly clueless and classless. Well done Saints - you made 3,000 loyal fans the object of derision by a bunch of fickle West Ham fans who just two weeks ago were turning on their team and owners. Fucking embarrassing to be in the stadium today. They were not up for the battle from the first challenge. We only started playing once it was too late and West Ham sat back but even then we didnít manage one fucking shot on target. I canít be arsed to rate the players as all bar McCarthy and Long would get zero! Pathetic."
- Bourne Valley Saint

"What bothers me isn't just that West Ham are an awful side, it's how obvious it was at half time we wouldn't come back and trouble them. We let Newcastle coast to a win and we let West Ham coast even more easily to a win. Maybe it's not a squad cut out for a fight, maybe it's just too much to expect. Giving Hughes so few games was moronic and it's already too late now. He'll know that too given today's performance. He might squeeze one more win out of them but even that will be an effort. Pathetic to be relegated so easily with this squad but there we go. Can't blame Hughes for much but not sure I'd want him to stay in the Championship."
- adriansfc

"Seems to me the players don't much care for playing against lowly opposition. Bet they raise their games against Arsenal and Chelsea - marketing themselves. It still won't be good enough, however, which means we're ultimately doomed. The Board should either resign (preferred) or start planning to rebuild properly next season for a bounce-back. Kick out lots, buy in lots, get passion back into the side."
- 5string

"The games vs Newcastle and West Ham are two of the worst performances Iíve ever seen from a Saints team, in 38 years of supporting them. The whole club could do with a colonoscopy, clear out all the shit. Might even find Les Reed's head up his own arse."
- OttawaSaint

"Zabaleta had Redmond's card marked in our home game, and owned him today yet again. Redmond doesnít have even half the brain capacity of Zabaleta to trouble a wily old boy like him."
- John Boy Saint

"We were horrible. And disgracefully unfit. When a 35-year-old Zabaleta can give Redmond a two-yard head start and still easily outpace him over 15 yards, you know something's badly awry."
- qwertyell

"I've got nothing. That was not only our worst display, but also one of the worst football displays from any squad, I've seen in a long time."
- striker

"My first away game for ages. There was me making the effort to back the lads in a really important game and fuck me they didn't even turn up. One of the most disappointing matches I've been to into 40 + years . Personally I think we will be In the bottom three come the end of the season."
- RedWillie

"Up there with one of the worst performances Iíve ever seen. So many players either not up for the fight or generally not good enough. The first two goals were Sunday league stuff, the first from a ballsed-up corner which Lemina ended up holding onto the ball too long and eventually giving it away and the second Hojbjerg holding onto the ball too long. We canít even imagine winning games when we are making schoolboy mistakes like this. Canít see how there is any hope of surviving playing like this."
- Ado

"Relegation six pointer. New manager effect. Playing at a club in crisis. Leading scorer back from injury. Only one way that's going to go."
- LaptopSaint

* Content originally posted on saintsweb.co.uk and twitter.

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