Masuaku's socks appeal

  • by Staff Writer
  • Tuesday, 10th April 2018

Arthur Masuaku has explained why he has taken to tearing holes in his socks ahead of matches.

The 24-year-old, who recently returned from a six-match suspension was spotted at Stamford Bridge on Sunday with a series of unexplained holes in his footwear.

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But according to Masuaku, the holes (three in each sock, at the back) are quite deliberate - and designed to allow his calf muscles room for manouvre inside socks that the French winger described as "too tight".

Masuaku, of course, isn't the first Hammer to ensure his kit has a particularly unique look.

Alex Song was well known for rolling his shorts up as high as possible, whilst Julian Dicks made a habit of cutting off his short collars prior to every game - for comfort, as he revealed in his KUMB column back in 2012.

"Pony were our sponsors and the shirts used to have buttons on," he said. "If you ever chested the ball down it'd hurt, so I used to cut the buttons and the collars off.

"I was never a footballer to look posh, with nice cuffs and collars, so off they came! It was purely for comfort. Prior to that we had a Pony shirt with a round neck and I used to cut a 'V' into it - once again because it was more comfortable."

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