Match day programme under threat

  • by Staff Writer
  • Tuesday, 1st May 2018

The match day programme is under threat after the Football League decided to take a vote on whether to continue with the practise.

The humble programme has been a staple of domestic football for more than a century now, with some rare publications worth many thousands of pounds. Meanwhile lofts around the country are creaking under the weight of thousands of carefully-collated collections.

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However that may soon be a thing of the past if the 72 member clubs opt to remove the obligation to provide a programme ahead of every home match - with the Premier League keeping tabs on the situation.

"A number of clubs have asked the EFL if the mandatory publication of a match programme can be addressed as a result of an overall decline in sales and the proliferation of digital and social media," read an EFL statement.

However at least one club have vowed to fight the plans to kill prgramme "We'd always have a programme because it's a voice from the club to the fans and it's something some people keep religiously," said Mansfield CEO Carolyn Radford.

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"It's part of the fabric of the club and an important piece of memorabilia, a collector's item. It costs us more to produce than it raises, so I can see commercially why some clubs would want to get rid and I know we're moving more online, but it's different having something to hold."

West Ham United currently produce both physical and digital versions of the match day programme, although the latter is considerably cheaper at ?1.99, compared to the print version's ?3.50.

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