Defeat for Brady as last-minute appeal dismissed

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  • Wednesday, 4th July 2018

A late appeal by West Ham United vice chair Karren Brady to have the Champions Statue moved to Stratford has been dismissed.

Local campaigners celebrated last night after Newham Council confirmed that the statue, erected at the junction of Barking Road and Green Street 15 years ago would remain in place - despite Brady's eleventh-hour bid to halt the process.

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Writing to the Council, Brady had urged Newham to postpone the decision and hold a public consultation. "We have made promises to our supporters that the statue would sit outside our new home," wrote West Ham United's vice chair.

"Your decision to keep the statue at Barking Road will result in what will be perceived as a broken promise," she wrote, before adding: "You should consider this as a risk... in the context of events at London Stadium in March this year."

However the decision was welcomed by East Ham MP Stephen Timms and Newham's new mayor, Rokhsana Fiaz.

"I am delighted the stature will be staying where it belongs, at the Boleyn, as a permanent reminder of our area's contribution to England's greatest football triumph, Timms told the Newham Recorder.

Whilst Fiaz, who always backed the decision to keep the statue in situ added: "I have been massively impressed with the community's strength of feeling about this issue.

"The statue has been instrumental in forging identity in Newham. I want to convey my thanks [to campaigners] for your passion, commitment and tenacity.

"The council position is there is no legal obligation to undertake a public consultation. We have clearly expressed views from the public."

Contrary to Brady's stance, a recent poll held on resulted in 78 per cent of respondents voting to keep the statue in its current location.

* During a meeting with supporters in February, Vice Chair Brady was asked by members of KUMB to commission either a new or duplicate statue at Stratford, enabling the existing work to remain in its spiritual home.

Although not mentioned in the resulting minutes, the idea was dismissed due to cost.

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