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The opposition view: Liverpool

Filed: Monday, 13th August 2018
By: Staff Writer

You'd think they'd all be happy on Merseyside following the comfortable win against West Ham.

But even though they ended the weekend top of the pile following this comprehensive win, there was plenty of crude invective reserved for the match officials and opposition fans. Enjoy - if you can - this first OV of the new season....

"Great performance and result. When you factor in the obvious rustiness and lack of sharpness from some of the players, it was as good a start as we could've hoped for. West Ham were probably a great opponent to start with - a club we have a history of beating at home and an attacking coach with lots of new players, but we still had to get in done. Bigger tests to come starting at Palace, but we can be happy with what we have done and get sharper over the week."
- Mighty_Red

"Looks like we've hit the ground running. Everyone was really up for it yesterday, players and fans alike. Has to be said though that West Ham looked a very disorganised, but on the other hand, we were all over them so it could have been us sending them in to chaos. And what a bench we had. Options, options, options. If we can have just a little luck with injuries this season, we could be going places."
- Groundskeeper Willie

"West Ham weren't terrible in and of themselves - we absolutely killed any incentive, creativity or any sort of build-up in midfield. Our midfield was too good for them. They look a good team and they've got a good manager. I can see Arnautovic deliver some top-class performances this season. Yesterday though, we were too good. Was this Liverpool two seasons ago we'd either have lost, drawn, or narrowly won; but we've gone up levels! So good our own supporters don't even recognise it."
- the_red_pill

"West Ham will finish in the top half as they are a decent team. We were good, and will get even better. There’s goals galore in this team, and the depth is also much better than before. A great start to the season. Tough game at Crystal Palace to come, but hopefully we will claim all three points."
- G Richards

"West Ham are a much better side than this and are capable of causing problems if you let them. We contained them brilliantly. None of the combinations that Pellegrino used when City won the league were in evidence today. They ran out of ideas and we either played through them or around them. and no we were not 100% yet. Trent has lost his crossing boots, and some players first touch were off."
- Mr_Shane

"Far too good for West Ham. They have strengthened in forward and wide areas, but their back four look leaky. It was good to see Antonio fail to improve on his impressive record as our Kryptonite. Wiltshire [sic] spends a lot of time on his ass - he’s a shadow of the player he threatened to be."
- Robinred

"Not bad! The great thing about the game yesterday was that I was never nervous about the result in the slightest. West Ham could hardly get out of their half, much less carve open a chance, despite Arnuatovic putting himself about as usual. Four goals, three points and another clean sheet. And much more to come from the team."
- KillieRed

"West Ham were absolutely terrible all over the pitch. We did our job fine but didn't need to get out of third gear. I'm no more or less confident about the season than I was 24 hours ago. "
- Sammy5IsAlive

"Felipe Anderson looks like he could do well for them. He's quick and carries the ball well and credit to him, he made some good defensive contributions running back to stop our counters. Good buy from them."
- RyanBabel19

"Everyone said before the game what a biased twat that Manc shitbag would be and that's the way it turned out. Yes we were brilliant and we played above his efforts to deny us a win, but him and his shithouse linesmen shouldn't be able to get away with that. Every little decision was shite and some of the bigger ones were laughable. Liverpool should be taking legal action against this utter bellend. Over a season, we've seen how fighting an uphill battle affects the league position. Taylor is just one of a long line of refs that will attempt to fuck us over this season."
- Andy @ Allerton

"Referees are so determined not to be seen as being biased towards the bigger team or being swayed by the Anfield crowd that they go the other way and give pretty much everything to the other team."
- Ben87

"We're clearly up there as top contenders against Manchester City. The way we move the ball and transition play from defence to attack is truly unparalleled. Can't believe how optimistic I am for this season!"
- liverpoolsox

"Cracking start to the season. Brilliant performance and never gave them a sniff really bar the single header from the corner in the first half. West Ham fans with their usual 'sign on' and 'always the victims' shite. Hope you enjoy singing that when playing the likes of Rotherham & Birmingham in the Championship next season."
- swoopy

"West Ham can fuck off with the sign on chants. Wankers the lot of them."
- deFacto

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