The opposition view: Everton

  • by Staff Writer
  • Monday, 17th September 2018

It's a welcome return to one of our most popular features for the first time this season, as we visit Merseyside for a taste of Toffee tears following their defeat at home to West Ham on Sunday afternoon...

"Well that's 90 minutes I could have helped the missus paint, now i'll have grief all evening for that load of old rubbish..."
- justatoffeefan

"West Ham turned up without a point on the board with two difficult games to come, so the pressure was really on for them to get a result, and they did, with ease. They have the same issue of integrating new players, into a new system, for many in a new league, with a new manager. You could say after five games we're still ahead in terms of looking at the table. Question is whether yesterday was a one-off or the Silva honeymoon is well and truly over and there are big problems to be sorted? Not sure I can answer that at the moment, guess the next few weeks will tell."
- ganistuk

"It's an appalling result and a terrible start given we play Arsenal next week. Six [points] from six [games] is not acceptable and Silva needs to keep picking up points despite it being an experimental year. We shouldn't lose at home to anyone nevermind bottom of the table without a point West Ham. It's a tragic result that is all too familiar and the players are far too accepting. They should be utterly devastated and mortified but I doubt they are even slightly arsed. Such is the comfy cushy number that an everton player has."
- ToffeeTim

"I'm absolutely fuming! I hate West Ham and we just let them take the piss out of us."
- marsh

"West Ham were absolutely there for the taking today, their defence somehow looks even worse can ours. There were a couple of times where any competent pass would have left the goal utterly at our mercy. It was beyond comical. I couldn't envisage us not scoring. They are going to get ripped apart again and again and again and again this year. Like they already have. And yet, somehow, we failed to land a glove on them. One point from West Ham and Huddersfield at home is likely to be bettered by every single team in the league. There really is no sugar coating it, it has been a dreadful start. Top six will have disappeared over the horizon before the end of September. Again."
- indieman1

"First goals for the West Ham player; first point; first win; scored three in a game when they only had two the whole season; v Everton unbeaten; always beat West Ham; more wins, more goals v them; Tosun missing three great chances; Niasse hitting the woodwork; very predictable and it's the West Ham manager's birthday, lol -sometimes it's just so hard to hate Everton even more than is possible."
- Ring master

"I'd be disappointed with a draw against west ham. This result stinks."
- Bob Elstone

"To be fair, their first two were quality goals and that was pretty much their only play in the first half. And then the players have bottled it second half. They (in my opinion) should also be down to ten. But there been a lot of errors today and with better finishing we would have made a game out of this."
- Marius57

"One thing Allardyce would have done is built a decent defence. The days of the Moyes teams, which were rock solid in defence, especially on a pound for pound basis, are long gone."
- JobForTheMoyes

"I got absolutely slated when I said Arnautovic was by far and away the better player. There is no comparison. Absolutely no chance of Tosun putting in a performance like that for us away from home, but I guess if we set him up for chances from two yards out he'll slot them away."
- dannyboy

"This is another level of bad. Some will somehow blame the crowd. How can you get behind this? Seriously? Oles by West Ham at home? They've seen this out with ease. Just horrible."
- The_Street_End

"Frustrated with the result but unfortunately we are going to have to be patient. Until we have a settled team and in particular a settled back four we are going to struggle. I just hope the majority of the fan base is patient with Silva. We might have another miserable season but in 12 months things will look a lot different."
- efcforever

"What a bizarre game. Despite having no defence and a midfield that can't control or pass the ball we created more than enough chances to win this game. I am forced to ask what the hell work does Silva and his coaches do on team shape and countering transition throughout the week? I feel sorry for younger fans - at least I saw two title-winning great teams. Now I fear we will never see those days again."
- jazzy

"I'm considering giving up, don't think there's a chance for us to be competitive ever again. And realistic view is that we're slowly heading for relegation. Pathetic board, constantly making poor personal decisions and squad full of pathetic players who're not arsed. Recipe for a disaster. We could easily become Villa soon."
- polish

"We are a massive club with a rich and illustrious history. We had more league titles than both Arsenal and Man United, back in 1987. Then we fell asleep. Lost all sense of ambition, only won one trophy in years and that was 23 years ago now. The last 30 years have been an insult in many ways. Hopefully this sleeping giant will, reawaken sooner rather than later."
- Cork Evertonian

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