The opposition view: Arsenal

  • by Staff Writer
  • Monday, 14th January 2019

Will wonders never cease? Arsenal fans praise West Ham's team and cast envious eyes over the likes of Rice and Anderson in the latest edition of the OV. You get me?

"Poor, poor, poor. Piss poor in fact. What can you say after that? Onwards and upwards I guess. We were so bad in attack, I actually think we defended better today. Auba was a bit meh all game TBH. Laca was brilliant for the first 15 then slowly tailed off. Let's hope we've not shifted our traditional December form forward by a month."
- freeglennhelder2

"We had enough chances to go a couple of goals up within half-an-hour but our forwards made some inexplicably poor decisions. Once West Ham scored they sat back, defended deep and there was no space for or wing backs to run into. Games are decided on moments like the opportunity Laca had 2 mins after West Ham scored to square it to Auba for a tap in, but took 3 extra touches. It's **** like that which gets forgotten but shapes our destiny over 90 minutes."
- Big Poppa

"I'm giving flak to Emery today and rightly so, it's on him. In general I'm also unimpressed at how little effect he's had on our defence and how our style of play can basically be boiled down to fullbacks. Overall I still think he's a good coach, even if not the very best. The squad is flawed, so very flawed. There are things I don't like about Emery, but for now you've just got to be patient and give him 2 more transfer windows to get it right. What's clear though is that right now it is not right. I'm glad the two suits were watching today, because they have work to do."
- dashsnow17

"The Chilean don outclassed the Spanish bum. Nothing to see here."
- reed

"Pellegrini > Emery. Why didn't we go for Pellegrini and gotten him instead of West Ham? Nonsense Arteta and Emery were your only choices. Pellegrini was amazing at Real Madrid. i remember watching him destroy most teams. Very unlucky to be sacked. This style of football is unacceptable for a club like Arsenal. If Emery tried this at Barcelona we would have sacked him by now."
- Messigican

"Big fan of Declan Rice, be disappointing when he ends up going to City to sit on their bench."
- Rex Banner

"Why didn't the genius Sven [Mislintat] identify Diop? He'll develop into a Van Dijk-esque defender, completely dominates attackers. Not as good on the ball but competent enough."
- LG10

"Samir fcuking Nasri had a better game than our whole team..."
- krackpot

"It's not just that some of their players would start [in our first XI], it's that there are also a few that would make us significantly better. Imagine if we had Felipe Anderson..."
- ptrcopp

"Emery is looking to be one of those managers that thinks tactics win games on their own. You win games by getting your best players involved and playing well, and then make the tactical adjustments needed with those players. You're handicapping yourself if you leave you best quality [Ozil] out."
- blaze_of_glory

"I looked at the starting line up and thought it was off. I don't know why we persist with three at the back but it seems we cannot play a back four without Nacho and Hector. There's a lot of criticism flying at GuendouzI but I praise his effort. He got in to some good positions and found some good if over hit passes and I couldn't help but wonder what ?zil might have done in those positions... As some have said, there's a few in the West Ham team who would improve us so I hope our attitude to squad strengthening is changed if only in the summer."
- Mrs Bergkamp

"I only caught the last 25 minutes at that was enough to gauge how pitiful and pathetic we were. This club is ****ing rotten and has absolutely zero going for it. And Emery has been doing a tremendous latter-day Wenger impression recently - well done mate! Shocking formations and line-ups continue. **** I'm angry."
- Quicker than Walcott

"?zil should have played. Guendouzi is Emery's golden child and I don't see how and when this will end. Xhaka should have stayed on instead of G-dizzy. Kolasinac should run a bakery. Mustafi should rear camels. If Iwobi is a car's turn signal, the accident rate would go up by 800% all over the world. Thank you, next."
- bojed

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